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6N096SANDYS BEACHBayFilly3Pace

Birth Date:02-MAY-2015
Cdn Reg: N.A. Last Prt: N.A.
Eligibility Fee:2018 Not Paid 2017 Not Paid
Coggins Test Issued:14-MAR-2018
Freeze Branded 6N096 right side of neck
US Reg: 18-JUL-2018
Foaled:York PA
Not Tattooed
Current Owner:
(Transfer Date: 15-JUL-2018)
Allard Racing Inc, Saint-Esprit, QC- Blue Chip Bloodstock Inc, Wallkill, NY-Stephen Klunowski, North York, ON
David H Mc Duffee, Delray Beach, FL
Added Money Events:
nominated (2016)nominated (2016)nominated (2016)nominated (2016)
nominated (2016)nominated (2016)nominated (2016)  
Race Summary:
 Starts1st2nd3rdMoneyGaitAgeTime Track
 Last 3Last 5Last 6Last 10Life20182017
Starts    301812

Racelines:US Racelines processed by Standardbred Canada to: 17-SEP-2018
DateTrackPurse Finish Winnings DriverTrainer
16-SEP-2018N3FT w4-6PM FML$17,00027.156.31:25.21:53.21 2/1Q 2/1Q 2/1Q 2/1Q5/5T1:54.329 $850*1.10ALLARD,SIMONALLARD,RENE M
09-SEP-2018N1SY -1w4-6PM FML$17,00026.2551:23.41:532 4/3T 4/3T 3°/1Q 2/1Q1/NK1:5329 $8,5002.50ALLARD,SIMONALLARD,RENE M
02-SEP-2018N4FT PaSS ConL$50,00027.257.21:24.11:52.38 8/7H 7/6H 7/5T 6/3H6/1H1:52.427.2 $013.40ALLARD,SIMONALLARD,RENE M
19-AUG-2018N13FT w3-6PM FML$17,00027561:24.11:52.23 1/1Q 1/1Q 1/1Q 1/NS6/71:53.429.3 $0*0.90SEARS,BRIAN JALLARD,RENE M
12-AUG-2018N3FT TSS 3yrFL$20,00026.455.11:231:51.23 5/5H 5°/4T 1°/T 1/T2/1H1:51.328.3 $5,0004.10TETRICK,TIM AALLARD,RENE M
05-AUG-2018N11FT w4-6PM FML$17,0002755.41:24.11:533 2°/H 1/1Q 1/1 1/1Q6/4Q1:53.429.3 $0*0.80ALLARD,SIMONALLARD,RENE M
30-JUL-2018N9FT FMNW6PML$20,00027.156.21:24.41:531 3/4H 3/6 2°/2Q 2/Q2/T1:53.128 $5,0007.90BRENNAN,GEORGEALLARD,RENE M
13-JUL-2018A9FT nw5PM FM$16,00026.355.41:23.31:53.28 2/1H 2/1H 3/1H 3/1H6/21:53.430 $044.30KIRBY,VICTORNORMAN,RICHARD J F
09-JUL-2018N6FT FMNW4PM$16,00027.257.21:26.11:55.17 1°/T 1/1Q 1/1Q 1/1H1/NK1:55.129 $8,000*1.65BRENNAN,GEORGENORMAN,RICHARD J F
29-JUN-2018N6FT GEERS$23,50027.356.41:23.31:52.18 8/11H 8/9H 7/6T 7/7T6/5Q1:53.128.1 $066.50TAGGART JR,JIM RNORMAN,RICHARD J F
25-JUN-2018N6FT FMNW4PM$16,00027.357.41:26.11:54.36 2/2 2/3 2X/1Q 7/DIS7/DIS $02.25BRENNAN,GEORGENORMAN,RICHARD J F
12-JUN-2018A3FT TSS-3YOF$20,00028.1571:24.21:52.22 3/2 3/3 2°/1H 2/14/3T1:53.128.3 $1,6003.50PANTALEANO,JAMES RNORMAN,RICHARD J F
04-JUN-2018N3FT PaAllStars$30,0002756.11:23.41:51.33 3/2H 3/2T 3/3 4/4Q6/8H1:53.128.4 $021.90MCCARTHY,ANDREW JNORMAN,RICHARD J F
28-MAY-2018A13FT TSS 3yrF$20,00026.4581:251:54.27 3/3 3°/2 1/1H 1/1H1/Q1:54.229.2 $10,0002.10PANTALEANO,JAMES RNORMAN,RICHARD J F
18-MAY-2018A6FT -1nw3PM FM$14,00027.456.21:251:53.33 5/7 4°/5 3°/1T 2/15/2Q1:5428.3 $7006.90KIRBY,VICTORNORMAN,RICHARD J F
11-MAY-2018A14FT nw3PM FM$14,00027.356.31:23.41:52.13 3/2T 3/3H 3°/3 2/H3/31:52.428.2 $1,6806.40MILLER,DAVID SNORMAN,RICHARD J F
26-APR-2018A4FT nw3PM FM$14,00027.456.41:24.31:533 5/6 5/7Q 3°/2H 2/H2/3T1:53.428.4 $3,500*0.60MILLER,DAVID SNORMAN,RICHARD J F
19-APR-2018A11FT nw3PM FM$14,00028.2581:261:54.27 7/9 7/10 6°/9H 6/55/5H1:55.227.3 $7005.70MILLER,DAVID SNORMAN,RICHARD J F
11-APR-2018Q8FT -1QUA$031.11:01.31:30.11:58.26 7/9H 6/13 6/9H 6/93/5T1:59.327.3 *QUA*NBMILLER,DAVID SNORMAN,RICHARD J F
04-NOV-2017N8FT Kndrgrtn F$140,55027.154.21:231:50.35 7/8Q 7/8 6°/5H 5/6H4/81:52.128.1 $10,79468.20KIRBY,VICTORNORMAN,RICHARD J F
26-OCT-2017N10FT Kndrgrtn$10,00027.457.31:26.31:53.48 6/7H 4I/5 7/6H 6IX/246/231:58.230.3 $026.50SIMONS,MICHAEL HNORMAN,RICHARD J F
13-OCT-2017A2FT nw3PM FM$14,00027.456.31:24.41:52.43 4/3 3°/2H 2°/1 3/43/4H1:53.328.3 $1,6805.70MILLER,DAVID SNORMAN,RICHARD J F
29-SEP-2017A5FT Simpson$30,00028.258.41:26.41:55.23 4/4H 4/4T 2/2 2/12P1/11:55.328.2 $15,000*0.90KIRBY,VICTORNORMAN,RICHARD J F
22-SEP-2017A8FT LibrtyBell$30,00027.458.11:25.41:54.43 5/6 2°/1Q 1/1H 1/22/H1:54.429 $7,500*0.80KIRBY,VICTORNORMAN,RICHARD J F
15-SEP-2017N10FT Kndrgrtn$10,00028.157.41:26.41:53.15 5/5T I5°/5Q 3°/1T 4/2H4/3Q1:53.426.3 $80010.70MCCARTHY,ANDREW JNORMAN,RICHARD J F
08-SEP-2017N11FT Kndrgrtn$10,00027.4571:25.41:53.25 3°/2H 1/1Q 1/1Q 2/Q3/1Q1:53.327.4 $1,200*1.00MCCARTHY,ANDREW JNORMAN,RICHARD J F
23-AUG-2017A8FT Sts 2YrF$20,00027.457.31:25.41:54.47 7/9H 7°/7 6°/4 4/44/1H1:5528.2 $1,6001.70MORGAN,ANTHONY NNORMAN,RICHARD J F
15-AUG-2017N5FT TSS 2yrF$20,00026.4571:24.41:52.43 4/3H 4/3Q 3°/1T 2/Q1/21:52.427.3 $10,0003.20MILLER,DAVID SNORMAN,RICHARD J F
03-AUG-2017A4FT 2YrFnw2PM$13,0002957.41:26.31:54.34 1/1H 2/1T 2/2 2/3H2/11:54.427.4 $3,25011.00MCCARTHY,ANDREW JNORMAN,RICHARD J F
21-JUL-2017N11FT Kndrgrtn$10,0002856.11:24.31:51.47 8/15H 8°/13Q 9°/12Q 7/97/11Q1:5427 $060.80MCCARTHY,ANDREW JNORMAN,RICHARD J F
18-JUL-2017Q1FT Qua 2Yr F$029.31:00.11:28.31:58.16 6/9H 6/7H 6°/5 6/74/51:59.129.3 *QUA*NBFOUT,JEFFERY DNORMAN,RICHARD J F
14-JUL-2017N6FT Kndrgrtn$10,00028.256.31:251:52.37 9X/10H X9/DIS 9/DIS 9/DIS9/642:05.2 $0112.50MCCARTHY,ANDREW JNORMAN,RICHARD J F
05-JUL-2017Q3FT Qua 2Yr F$030.159.11:27.21:563 5/9 5/12 5/15 5/135/101:5827.3 *QUA*NBMILLER,DAVID SNORMAN,RICHARD J F
27-JUN-2017Q14FT Qua 2Yr F$030.259.31:27.11:56.36 7/12 7/11H 7/20 6/196/19Q2:00.229.1 *QUA*NBMILLER,DAVID SNORMAN,RICHARD J F
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