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Birth Date:12-MAY-2016
Cdn Reg: 27-JUN-2016 Electronic Reg: 25-JUL-2018
Eligibility Fee:2019 Paid
Coggins Test Issued:03-JUL-2019
Freeze Branded 1PN77 right side of neck
Foaled:Falun AB
Not Tattooed
Current Owner:
(Transfer Date: 15-JUL-2018)
Paul B Davies, Falun, AB-Nicole M Davies, Aldergrove, BC-Deborah Pinel, Calgary, AB
Outlaw Stable, Falun, AB
Added Money Events:
2nd sustain (2019)nominated (2018)2nd sustain (2019)nominated (2019)
nominated (2018)nominated (2018)nominated (2019)2nd sustain (2019)
2nd sustain (2019)      
Race Summary:
 Starts1st2nd3rdMoneyGaitAgeTime Track
2019 (ASS):5410$46,500 3 Alberta Sire Stakes
2018 (ASS):4400$66,750 2 Alberta Sire Stakes
 Last 3Last 5Last 6Last 10Life20192018
Starts    24159

Racelines:US Racelines processed by Standardbred Canada to: 12-OCT-2019
DateTrackPurse Finish Winnings DriverTrainer
13-OCT-2019N106FT ABSS-MAVRICK$45,40027.3561:241:51.27 1/1H 1/1H 1/2 1/31/4T1:51.227.2 $22,700*0.80DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
06-OCT-2019N614FT ABSS-MAVRICK$7,50028.156.21:24.11:52.27 5/4 3°/2 1/1H 1/41/5Q1:52.228.1 $3,7503.80DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
15-SEP-2019N1017FT W CAN DERBY$125,00027.355.21:231:51.21 1/Q 1/1H 1/1H 2/Q4/8H1:5330 $10,000*0.95DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
07-SEP-2019N320FT W CAN DERBY$10,00028.356.21:24.31:52.17 4/4H 1/1H 1/1H 1/1H1/NK1:52.127.3 $5,000*1.50DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
01-SEP-2019N616GD NW7R47000LCD$7,20028.356.31:25.11:55.47 8/16 8/16 8/11H 5/5H5/2T1:56.229 $360*1.15SOBEY,NATHAN KDAVIES,PAUL B
05-AUG-2019N1026FT ASHA-R KLEIN$117,49028.155.21:24.11:54.21 1/H 1/1 2/HD 1/17/6H1:55.331.2 $0*1.15DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
05-AUG-2019N626FT ASHA-R KLEIN$10,00028.257.11:25.31:53.45 1/1H 1/1H 1/1H 1/21/1H1:53.428.1 $5,000*0.65DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
28-JUL-2019Q420FT QUA$029.157.21:26.21:54.32 1/2 1/2H 1/1H 1/1H1/NK1:54.328.1 *QUA*NBDAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
14-JUL-2019N1022FT ABSS-MARKSMN$46,00028.255.41:24.21:55.45 1/1H 1/3 1/6 1/62/1Q1:5631.3 $11,500*0.45DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
07-JUL-2019N218FT ABSS-MARKSMN$7,50028.257.31:271:55.27 1/1H 1/1H 1/1 1/21/11:55.228.2 $3,750*0.40DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
16-JUN-2019N920FT BRAD GUNN$50,00026.354.31:231:52.19 5/7 5°/4Q 4°/1T 3/1H3/11:52.229 $6,000*0.55DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
09-JUN-2019N316FT BRAD GUNN$7,50027.456.21:24.21:54.25X 6/17H 6/11 6°/10T 5/113/3T1:55.128.3 $900*0.10DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
26-MAY-2019N916FT ABSS-PLNSMAN$47,50028.357.31:25.41:53.17 1/1H 1/2 1/2 1/51/41:53.127.2 $23,750*1.00DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
19-MAY-2019N77FT ABSS-PLNSMAN$7,50027.357.41:25.31:542 2/1H 1/1H 1/1 1/41/4Q1:5428.2 $3,750*1.00DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
05-MAY-2019N101FT NORM KENNEDY$40,0002857.41:251:55.26 3/3 4/3Q 8/10 8/20H7/24Q2:00.133.1 $0*0.65DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
29-MAR-2019N10 15FT KEITH LINTON$75,00027.156.41:241:52.16 1/1H 1/2 1/1H 1/2H1/2Q1:52.128.1 $37,500*0.45DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
22-MAR-2019N1 11FT KEITH LINTON$10,00028.1591:26.41:54.22 1/2 1/1H 1/2 1/21/2Q1:54.227.3 $5,000*0.35DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
17-MAR-2019Q1 12FT QUA$028.1581:271:554 4/4H 4/5H 2°/1H 2/11/HD1:5527.4 *QUA*NBDAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
11-MAR-2019Q3 4SY -2QUA$0311:021:31.11:59.21 2/1H 1/2 1/2 1/51/121:59.228.1 *QUA*NBDAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
23-NOV-2018N2 6SY -2DAN INGRAM$25,00027.2591:28.21:56.15 1/1H 1/1H 1/1H 1/2H1/6H1:56.127.4 $12,500*0.30DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
17-NOV-2018N80GD ABSS-SF$75,0002959.21:281:55.43 1/1H 1/1H 1/H 1/31/H1:55.427.4 $37,500*0.40DAVIES,PAUL BSTARKEWSKI,RODNEY A
04-NOV-2018N4 10GD ABSS-SH STAR$24,60029.159.31:28.31:58.24 1/1H 1/Q 1/1 1/11/1T1:58.229.4 $12,300*0.50DAVIES,PAUL BSTARKEWSKI,RODNEY A
20-OCT-2018N4 12FT HORIZON$22,50028.357.11:26.41:553 1/2 1/1H 1/1 1/22/Q1:5528.1 $5,625*0.70DAVIES,PAUL BSTARKEWSKI,RODNEY A
22-SEP-2018N3 1SY ABSS-LONESTR$16,8002959.21:28.11:596 1/2 1/5 1/4 1/41/61:5930.4 $8,400*0.45DAVIES,PAUL BSTARKEWSKI,RODNEY A
25-AUG-2018N6 16FT ASHA COLT$12,50028.21:001:28.11:565 6/6H 6°/5H 2/1H 2/11/NS1:5627.3 $6,250*0.80DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
18-AUG-2018N8 19FT ABSS-RISNSTR$17,10029.459.21:27.41:56.24 3/4 3/4 1/4 1/41/NK1:56.228.3 $8,550*0.45DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
06-AUG-2018N2 27FT CENTURY$22,50028.258.11:26.41:55.22 1/1H 1/2 1/2 1/51/5Q1:55.228.3 $11,250*1.00DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
29-JUL-2018N7 27FT 2-5YR-MDN$5,00029.1591:27.31:58.26 8/12T 8°/18 5/9 4/6Q2/NK1:58.229 $1,250*1.35DAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
21-JUL-2018Q2 20FT QUA$029.21:01.11:31.22:01.11 2/2 2/2 2/1H 2/1H1/22:01.129.3 *QUA*NBDAVIES,PAUL BDAVIES,PAUL B
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