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Racelines - US$

0R978EASY SO NICEBrownFilly3Trot

Birth Date:10-MAY-2017
Cdn Reg: N.A. Last Prt: N.A.
Eligibility Fee:2020 Not Paid 2019 Not Paid
Coggins Test Issued:11-MAY-2020
Freeze Branded 0R978 right side of neck
US Reg: 12-OCT-2018
Foaled:Sugarcreek OH
Not Tattooed
Yearling Sale Prices:
BHS PREJUG MIXEDOH28-AUG-2018Hip# 199$6,000
Current Owner:
(Transfer Date: 28-AUG-2018)
Ajk Racing-Keith A Roth, Shipshewana, IN
Larry R Miller, Sugarcreek, OH
Race Summary:
 Starts1st2nd3rdMoneyGaitAgeTime Track
 Last 3Last 5Last 6Last 10Life20202019
Starts    241212

Racelines:US Racelines processed by Standardbred Canada to: 29-NOV-2020
DateTrackPurse Finish Winnings DriverTrainer
20-NOV-2020N4=FT nw4/10CLcd$14,20027.456.31:261:557 8/15T 8/16 5°/7H 3/6TX3XP4/5H1:5628.3 $8807.60BATES,BRANDON LROTH,KEITH A
13-NOV-2020N7=FT nw2/15CL$6,50028.358.11:28.11:572 4/4Q 5/6H 5°/4Q 2/T3/2Q1:57.228.2 $780*1.60PUTNAM,JOSEPH DROTH,KEITH A
04-NOV-2020N2=FT nw2/15CL$6,50028.458.21:27.21:56.36 6/8T 6/10H 6°/8 4/5H2/2T1:57.128.1 $1,6254.40BATES,BRANDON LROTH,KEITH A
28-OCT-2020N9=FT nw2/9CL$5,5002857.41:27.21:589 3°/2H 2/H 2/1T 1/Q3/11:58.130.2 $6603.20BATES,BRANDON LROTH,KEITH A
14-OCT-2020N9=FT -1nw2/15CL$6,50028.257.41:26.41:573 4°/5H 5/6 5°/4H 4/3H5/4Q1:57.430.1 $3257.90BATES,BRANDON LROTH,KEITH A
08-OCT-2020N8=FT nw2/15CL$6,50028.258.11:281:56.27 8/11T 7/11Q 6°/5H 4/3T3/4T1:57.228.2 $78018.60BATES,BRANDON LROTH,KEITH A
23-SEP-2020Q3=FT Qua$028.157.11:26.21:551 3/6H 3/10 3/16 3/16H3/262:00.130.3 *QUA*NBHAYNES JR,WALTER EROTH,KEITH A
12-AUG-2020N3=FT nw2/15CL$7,50027.257.41:271:55SCRATCHED - VET $0ROTH,KEITH A
28-JUL-2020F7=GD -1OHFS 3F$9,077301:001:31.22:015 6/16Q 5/8 5/14Q 5/166/29H2:06.432.3 $014.80ROTH,KEITH AROTH,KEITH A
20-JUL-2020910=GD -1OHFS 3F$4,95129.21:00.11:30.42:017 8/8T 8/8 6°°X/3Q 7/127/23T2:05.434.2 $0NBROTH,KEITH AROTH,KEITH A
08-JUL-2020N1=FT nw2/15CL$5,00027.157.31:281:56.22 3/2H 4/3 5/3H X5X/3X7XP9/10H1:58.229.4 $019.90BATES,BRANDON LROTH,KEITH A
30-JUN-2020N2=GD nw1/12CL$4,00028.4591:29.11:58.19 6/10 6/6T 5°/3H 3/1H1/11:58.128.2 $2,00012.50BATES,BRANDON LROTH,KEITH A
23-JUN-2020N2=FT nw1/12CL$4,00028.159.21:28.41:57.11 3/3Q 4/3Q 5/4H 4/3T3/4Q1:5828.2 $4802.20BATES,BRANDON LROTH,KEITH A
16-JUN-2020N8=FT nw1/12CL$4,00028.359.11:29.11:58.35 8/14Q 8/16 7°/9T 6/6Q3/2Q1:5927.4 $48017.10BATES,BRANDON LROTH,KEITH A
02-JUN-2020Q6=FT Qua-3yF$030.11:01.31:32.12:01.28 7/11 8/13T 8/8Q 7/6T8/6T2:02.429 *QUA*NBMILLER,LEWAYNE LROTH,KEITH A
19-MAY-2020Q4=GD -1Qua-3yo$030.31:02.41:32.12:01.4X9 9/16T 8/13Q 8/17 5/13H5/16H2:0529.2 *QUA*NBDE LONG,JOHN JROTH,KEITH A
17-SEP-2019N4=FT 2yo-nw1cd$8,00028.358.41:29.41:59.18 5/6T 4/5H 5/5Q X5/7TX6X/26H2:04.233.3 $026.10WARREN,TODD EROTH,KEITH A
11-SEP-201993=GD -1OHFS 2F$9,20132.41:05.11:37.12:07.43 3/3 3/3 3/3 4/4HX5/4H2:08.330.4 $46017.20ROTH,KEITH AROTH,KEITH A
03-SEP-201994=GD -1OHFS 2F$9,27630.41:02.31:332:03.24 5/13H 7/5T 6/13H 6/13Q6/14T2:06.230.4 $051.00ROTH,KEITH AROTH,KEITH A
29-AUG-2019F3=GD -1OHFS 2F$9,20130.21:01.21:34.22:06.31 4/6 4/5 4/5H 4/73/132:09.133.4 $1,10442.80ROTH,KEITH AROTH,KEITH A
22-AUG-201997=GD -1OHFS 2F$4,976311:03.11:34.42:06.33 4X/4T 8/DIS 8/DIS 8/DIS8/DIS $055.50CROSS,JAY DROTH,KEITH A
14-AUG-201999=GD -2OHFS 2F$4,67634.41:071:38.32:10.34 3/9 2°/1 2/6 2/52/9Q2:12.232.3 $1,16942.40ROTH,KEITH AROTH,KEITH A
07-AUG-2019F5=GD -2OHFS 2F$4,67631.41:07.31:37.42:10.43 3/6 3/2H 3/6Q 3/4Q3/102:12.433.4 $561NBROTH,KEITH AROTH,KEITH A
29-JUL-2019F6=GD -1OHFS 2F$4,75131.31:05.11:37.12:09.3X3 5/23 5/20 5/19Q 4/244/30T2:15.434.4 $380NBROTH,KEITH AROTH,KEITH A
20-JUL-2019F5=GD -1OHFS 2F$9,24133.21:05.21:37.22:09.36 3/6 3/9 2°/6 2/82/5Q2:10.332 $2,310NBROTH,KEITH AROTH,KEITH A
15-JUL-201994=GD -1OHFS 2F$9,27630.11:01.41:32.32:02.34 6/25 6/23 6/18 6/23Q6/40T2:10.434.3 $013.00CROSS,JAY DROTH,KEITH A
01-JUL-2019F5=GD -1OHFS 2F$4,78831.31:051:382:103 5X/28Q 5/25 5/33H 5/29H5/31H2:16.131.3 $239*2.20ROTH,KEITH AROTH,KEITH A
11-JUN-201995=GD -1OHFS 2F$9,35135.41:091:422:13.2X1 4/5 4/4 5/13H 4/13T4/22T2:1833.2 $7488.60CROSS,JAY DROTH,KEITH A
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