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2S669ELLPEES ELLEEBayFilly21-mar-2018

SWAN FOR ALL  (2006)
3,1:54.1f ($309,986)
3,1:51.3 ($870,510)
3,1:55.3 ($345,689)
ABC FREIGHT  (1974)3,T1:56.3 ($178,694)
GAMIN LOBELL  (1974)3,T2:05 ($43,349)
3,2:03.1f ($21,355)
SWAN LAKE  (1998)
LINDY LANE  (1993)
3,1:53 ($895,110)
VALLEY VICTORY  (1986)3,1:55.3 ($485,307)
LINDILIANA  (1988)3,Q2:03q ($6,022)
3,1:59 ($57,006)
BALTIC SPEED  (1981)3,1:56 ($1,271,764)
ALLEGRO  (1981)2,2:00.2 ($4,826)
3,1:55.1 ($506,904)
3,1:55.3 ($485,307)
BALTIC SPEED  (1981)3,1:56 ($1,271,764)
VALLEY VICTORIA  (1981)3,2:00.3f ($6,719)
2,2:03 ($98,026)
SPEEDY CROWN  (1968)3,1:57.1 ($545,495)
YANKEE FLIGHT  (1971)2,2:05.3 ($42,223)
PINERY  (2005)
2,1:58 ($129,424)
ANGUS HALL  (1996)
3,1:54.3 ($830,654)
GARLAND LOBELL  (1981)3,1:55.3 ($345,689)
AMOUR ANGUS  (1987)3,2:03.1f ($21,355)
PINE FOR HER  (2000)
PINE CHIP  (1990)4,T1:51 ($1,710,858)
1st dam
LIMA PRINCESS , by YANKEE GLIDE  3, 1:55.1. First foal.
2nd dam
PINERY  2, 1:58 -'07 ($129,424) 1 win, by ANGUS HALL  3, 1:54.3. At 2, winner of Merrie Annabelle S. elim at The Meadowlands; second in Merrie Annabelle S. final at The Meadowlands, Reynolds Memorial div at Pocono Downs. From 8 foals, including a two-year-old of 2019, dam of 4 winners(1 in 1:56, 3 in 1:58, 4 in 2:00) including-
  SPOILER ALERT (g, Chapter Seven) 1:54.1s -'19 ($97,287) 14 wins. At 4, winner of John Mongeon Sr. Memorial leg (twice) at Saratoga Harness, final at Saratoga Harness.
  RATTLING PINE (g, Dejarmbro) 2, Q2:02h, 3, 1:56.4h -'19 ($46,668) 9 wins. Now 3, winner of Iron Maiden Series leg (twice) at Northfield Park, final at Northfield Park, OH Fair S. div at Canton, div at Canfield, div at Courtland, div at Jefferson; second in OH Fair S. div at Northfield Park, div at Wellington; third in Buckeye Stallion Series div at Northfield Park, OH Fair S. div at Wooster.
  PLAYFUL CREDIT (m, Credit Winner) 2, 1:59s -'12 ($38,981) 2 wins. At 2, winner of NY State Fair S. div at Vernon Downs; second in NYSS div at Batavia Downs; third in NYSS div at Monticello. At 3, winner of NY Bred Excelsior Series div at Buffalo; third in Excelsior S. prep at Tioga Downs. Dam of-
   You Got Credit ($754). Now 3 and qualified in 2:02.3h.
  LIMA PIZZAZ (m, Yankee Glide) 2, Q2:01.4, 3, 1:56.2f -'15 ($26,351) 4 wins. At 2, third in Hanover S. div at Balmoral Park. At 4, third in Mary Wohlmuth Memorial leg at The Meadows.
  Peter Previte (c, Uncle Peter) ($2,900). Now 2 and racing. Now 2, third in OH Fair S. div at Montpelier, div at Napolean, div at Van Wert.
  De Fir (g, Dejarmbro) ($260).
  Lima Pleasure (m, Cantab Hall).
  Lima Princess (m, Yankee Glide). As Above.
3rd dam
PINE FOR HER , by PINE CHIP  4, T1:51. From 8 foals, dam of 3 winners(1 in 1:54, 2 in 1:56, 3 in 1:58) including-
  CEDAR DOVE (m, Andover Hall) 2, Q1:58, 3, 1:53.2s, 4, 1:52.3 -'12 ($1,179,981) 14 wins. Winner of 2011 USHWA Dan Patch Award for Three Year Old Trotting Fillies. At 2, winner of Bluegrass Series div at The Red Mile; second in Goldsmith Maid S. elim at Woodbine, final at Woodbine, Peaceful Way cons at Mohawk. At 3, winner of Breeders Crown elim at Woodbine, final at Woodbine, KY Filly Futurity elim at The Red Mile, final at The Red Mile, Matron S. elim at Dover Downs, PASS div at Harrahs Chester Casino; second in PASS final at Harrahs Chester Casino, div at Pocono Downs; third in Duenna S. div at The Meadowlands, Matron S. final at Dover Downs, Zweig Memorial div at Tioga Downs. At 4, winner of Ima Lula Series leg at The Meadowlands, final at The Meadowlands, Miss Versatility leg (twice) at Mohawk, Miss Versatility S. div at The Meadowlands; second in Armbro Flight S. elim at Mohawk, final at Mohawk, Ima Lula Series leg at The Meadowlands; third in Allerage Farms S. div at The Red Mile, Ms Versatilty S. final at Delaware County Fair, Preferred at Mohawk. As aged, winner of Miss Versatility S. leg at The Meadowlands; second in Armbro Flight S. elim at Mohawk, final at Mohawk, Breeders Crown final at Pocono Downs; third in Miss Versatility S. leg at Tioga Downs, Muscle Hill S. div at Vernon Downs. Dam of-
   WHEN DOVESCRY 2, 1:52.3, 3, 1:50.1 -'19 ($846,940).
   Cedarbluff Hanover. Now 2 .
  PINERY (m, Angus Hall) 2, 1:58 -'07 ($129,424) 1 win. As Above.
  OH MY DARLIN (m, Glidemaster) 3, 1:55.3f -'15 ($34,537) 2 wins. At 3, third in PA Stallion Series div at Pocono Downs. Dam of-
   CAPRICORNUS 2, 1:55.1s -'19 ($198,885).
  Hawks Ridge (g, Angus Hall).
  Pine Cone (m, Cantab Hall). Exported to Sweden.
  Peace Dove (m, Angus Hall). Dam of-
   DELI SEVEN 3, 1:59.4f -'17 ($15,890).
   PUNTA CANA HANOVER 2, 2:11.4h -'19 ($13,567).
  Cedar Chest (m, Muscle Hill).
  Rapine (c, Trixton). Now 3. Exported to Russia.
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