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SWEET LOU  (2009)
p,5,1:47f ($3,478,070)
p,3,1:49.3s ($1,150,123)
p,3,1:49.3z ($1,469,461)
ARTSPLACE  (1988)p,4,1:49.2 ($3,085,083)
DELINQUENT ACCOUNT  (1987)p,5,1:51.4 ($1,038,997)
p,3,1:56.1f ($79,378)
JATE LOBELL  (1984)p,3,1:51.2 ($2,231,402)
CHOICE YANKEE  (1987)p,3,1:52.4 ($732,442)
p,3,1:54.2 ($89,061)
p,3,1:51f ($1,054,761)
FALCON SEELSTER  (1982)p,3,1:51h ($1,121,045)
p,3,1:55.4 ($169,163)
NERO  (1972)p,4,T1:55.1 ($528,208)
FLY FLY DAHRLIN  (1976)p,2,1:59.3q ($160,507)
p, ($4,088)
p,3,1:48.3 ($2,754,038)
p,5,1:48 ($1,455,422)
WESTERN HANOVER  (1989)p,3,1:50.4 ($2,541,647)
LEAH ALMAHURST  (1985)p,3,1:52.3 ($1,053,201)
p,3,1:56.4 ($96,244)
DIRECT SCOOTER  (1976)p,3,1:54 ($800,451)
PROVEN PERFECT  (1984)p, ($153)
p,4,1:57.3f ($23,008)
p,4,1:49.2 ($3,085,083)
ABERCROMBIE  (1975)p,4,1:53 ($984,391)
MISS ELVIRA  (1982)p,2,2:00.1f ($1,800)
p,2,1:55.3f ($207,848)
DEXTER NUKES  (1986)p,3,1:51.3 ($1,027,620)
AURORA HANOVER  (1986)p,4,1:57.3q ($21,424)
1st dam
MAGESTIC BLUE CHIP  p, ($4,088), by ROCKNROLL HANOVER  p, 3, 1:48.3. From 2 foals, including a two-year-old of 2019, dam of 1 winner(1 in 1:53) including-
  SWEET TROY (g, Sweet Lou) p, 2, Q1:56.1f, 3, 1:53h -'19 ($56,980) 2 wins. At 2, second in PA Stallion Series final at Harrahs Philadelphia, Reynolds Memorial elim at Tioga Downs; third in PA Stallion Series div at Pocono Downs, div at Harrahs Philadelphia.
  Mcava (f, Mcardle). Now 2.
2nd dam
ARMBRO ALTHEA  p, 3, 2:01.1f, 4, 1:57.3f -'04 ($23,008) 5 wins, by ARTSPLACE  p, 4, 1:49.2. From 10 foals, dam of 6 winners(4 in 1:53, 6 in 1:55, 7 in 1:59) including-
  RUDY REDNOSE (g, Red River Hanover) p, 3, 1:52.3 -'08 ($378,779) 4 wins. At 3, second in Breeders Crown elim at The Meadowlands, Little Brown Jug elim at Delaware County Fair, NJ Classic final at The Meadowlands, Progress Pace elim at Dover Downs, final at Dover Downs; third in Cane Pace elim at Freehold, James Dancer Memorial div at Freehold.
  MCGIBSON (m, Mcardle) p, 3, 1:51.2f -'09 ($331,483) 13 wins. At 2, second in Molly Pitcher S. elim at Freehold, NJSS div at Freehold. At 3, winner of Hopeful Pacing Series elim (twice) at Yonkers, final at Yonkers, NJSS div at The Meadowlands, Tompkins-Geers S. div at Tioga Downs; second in Miss New Jersey final at The Meadowlands; third in Miss New Jersey elim at The Meadowlands. At 4, winner of Preferred at The Meadows; second in Bluechip Matchmaker Series leg at Yonkers, Preferred at Freehold; third in Bluechip Matchmaker Series leg (4 times) at Yonkers, final at Yonkers, Preferred (twice) at The Meadows. Dam of-
   BOSTON RED ROCKS p, 2, 1:50.3, 3, 1:49.3f, 1:48.2f -'18 ($1,365,823).
   ROCK N MCROLL p, 2, 1:53.2f -'18 ($42,574).
   LYONS MUSIC p, 2, 1:54.1f -'19 ($35,678).
   BUTCHIE BEACH p, 3, 1:49.2 -'18 ($30,436).
   Mcgibson Beach. Dam of-
    Sweet Mcbeach p, ($1,560). Now 2 and race timed in p, 1:55f.
  RAMBLINGAMBLINMAN (g, Lis Mara) p, 3, 1:51.4s, 1:50.4s -'18 ($198,264) 20 wins. At 4, winner of Snowshoe Pacing Series leg at Woodbine; second in ON Boys Pacing Series leg at Woodbine, Snowshoe Pacing Series leg at Woodbine; third in ON Boys Pacing Series leg at Woodbine. As aged, second in Jammin Joshua Series leg at Hoosier Park, final at Hoosier Park, Ryan Wilcox Memorial at Hoosier Park.
  OLD MCHEATH (g, Mcardle) p, 3, 1:55.3f, 1:54.2h -'13 ($183,320) 43 wins.
  MY RED HOT MAMA (m, Red River Hanover) p, 2, 1:57.2h, 3, 1:56h, 4, 1:54.2f -'12 ($127,970) 13 wins. At 2, winner of NJSS-Green Acres div at Freehold, final at Freehold; second in NJSS-Green Acres div at Freehold; third in Savilla Lobell Series leg at The Meadowlands, final at The Meadowlands. At 3, second in NJSS-Green Acres leg at Freehold.
  GOOSE MOUNTAIN (h, Roll With Joe) p, 2, 2:08h, 3, 1:56h, 4, 1:52.2f -'18 ($97,775) 4 wins. At 2, third in NYSS div at Saratoga Harness, div at Yonkers. At 3, winner of NY Excelsior A Series div at Historic Track; second in Gary Kamal Memorial leg at Saratoga Harness, final at Saratoga Harness. At 4, winner of Bobby Weiss Series leg at Pocono Downs; second in Bobby Weiss Series leg at Pocono Downs; third in Bobby Weiss Series leg at Pocono Downs.
  MCGRIN N MCBARE IT (m, Mcardle) p, 3, Q1:58f -'12 ($4,165). Dam of-
   ROCKTAVIUS p, 3, 1:52.1f, 4, 1:50.3f -'17 ($181,033).
   FLASH A SMILE p, 2, 1:55.4s, 3, 1:54.2f -'19 ($55,339).
   Sharp Razor p, ($7,200). Now 2 and race timed in p, 1:55.3f.
  Magestic Blue Chip (m, Rocknroll Hanover) p, ($4,088). As Above.
  Rockamamie (m, Rocknroll Hanover) p, ($2,328). Dam of-
   RUSHING REBA p, 3, 1:55s -'19 ($18,705).
  Nicola Blue Chip (m, American Ideal).
3rd dam
ALTHEA SEELSTER  p, 2, 1:55.3f -'95 ($207,848) 6 wins, by DEXTER NUKES  p, 3, 1:51.3. At 2, winner of Flamboro Breeders div at Flamboro Downs, ONSS Gold elim at Rideau Carleton, elim at Hiawatha Horse Park, elim at Woodbine, Robert Stewart S. final at Mohawk, Trillium S. div at Flamboro Downs; second in Harvest S. div at Mohawk, ONSS Gold final at Rideau Carleton, final at Woodbine, ONSS Grassroots final at Hiawatha Horse Park; third in ONSS Gold elim at Mohawk, Robert Stewart S. elim at Mohawk. From 6 foals, dam of 4 winners(1 in 1:53, 3 in 1:59) including-
  ARMBRO VIRTUAL (g, Artsplace) p, 2, 1:54.2, 4, 1:50.1 -'02 ($156,455) 9 wins. At 2, winner of Historic - Goshen Cup leg at The Meadowlands; second in American-National S. elim at Balmoral Park; third in Flamboro Breeders div at Flamboro Downs.
  ARMBRO ALTHEA (m, Artsplace) p, 3, 2:01.1f, 4, 1:57.3f -'04 ($23,008) 5 wins. As Above.
  ARMBRO BITTERSWEET (m, Artsplace) p, 2, 2:05h, 3, 1:59.4 -'04 ($9,171) 2 wins. At 2, winner of KY Fair S. div at Lebanon; second in KY Fair S. div at Bardstown, div at Lacenter, at Mayfield, at Sturgis; third in KY Fair S. div at The Red Mile, div at Paducah. At 3, third in KY Fair S. div at Mayfield. Dam of-
   BITTERSWEET BEST p, 3, 1:55.3s, 1:52.1s -'15 ($150,341).
   MY MY MARIE p, 2, Q2:00.4f, 4, 1:51.2 -'11 ($43,444). Dam of-
    Watch Ave p, ($3,548). Now 2 and race timed in p, 1:54.1s.
   Shadow Of Tomorrow. Now 3 .
  ARMBRO CURIOUS (m, Armbro Operative) p, 2, 1:57.4f -'04 ($5,016) 2 wins. Dam of-
   Royal Svetlana p, 2, Q2:01f -'09 ($940). Died 06/2013. Dam of-
    MISS PRINCESS LEAH p, 3, 1:57f, 4, 1:53.2f -'16 ($47,492).
  Beach Tramp (h, Jennas Beach Boy).
  Altheas Legacy (m, Camotion).
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