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2T177EDITH ROSEBayFilly23-mar-2019
Microchip: 985141001152667 Bio Neck 07-MAY-2019

p,3,1:47.3 ($2,748,818)
p,3,1:48.3 ($2,754,038)
p,5,1:48 ($1,455,422)
WESTERN HANOVER  (1989)p,3,1:50.4 ($2,541,647)
LEAH ALMAHURST  (1985)p,3,1:52.3 ($1,053,201)
p,3,1:56.4 ($96,244)
DIRECT SCOOTER  (1976)p,3,1:54 ($800,451)
PROVEN PERFECT  (1984)p, ($153)
p,4,1:50.2 ($634,808)
p,4,1:49.2 ($3,085,083)
ABERCROMBIE  (1975)p,4,1:53 ($984,391)
MISS ELVIRA  (1982)p,2,2:00.1f ($1,800)
p,2,1:56.4f ($59,658)
CAM FELLA  (1979)p,4,1:53.1 ($2,041,367)
JOLLIE DAME  (1988)p,3,1:55.1f ($284,223)
p,2,1:50z ($754,772)
p,3,1:50.4 ($2,541,647)
NO NUKES  (1979)p,3,T1:52.1 ($572,430)
WENDYMAE HANOVER  (1983)p,4,T1:57 ($8,887)
p,3,Q1:58.3f ($48,472)
TYLER B  (1977)p,3,1:55.1 ($687,388)
BRETINA HANOVER  (1979)p,2,T2:01.1 ($4,319)
p,7,1:52.4f ($387,216)
HIT THE BID  (1986)
p,3,1:52.3 ($294,210)
ALBATROSS  (1968)p,4,1:54.3f ($1,201,470)
LESLIE LOBELL  (1981)p,3,1:56.2f ($290,712)
5,2:01.1 ($50,187)
STEVE LOBELL  (1973)3,1:56.2 ($249,690)
SUNNY PRIDE  (1964)4,2:05f ($13,879)
1st dam
BIDFORAKISS , by BADLANDS HANOVER  p, 2, 1:50z. From 8 foals, including a two-year-old of 2020, dam of 6 winners(2 in 1:53, 5 in 1:55, 6 in 1:59) including-
  VICTORY AT LAST (g, Quik Pulse Mindale) p, 3, 1:52.3f, 1:51 -'18 ($196,909) 21 wins. At 4, winner of Bobby Weiss Series leg (3 times) at Pocono Downs; second in Bobby Weiss Series leg at Pocono Downs, Sagamore Hill Series leg at Yonkers.
  JOES BID (g, Roll With Joe) p, 2, 2:04h, 3, 1:54.2h, 4, 1:51.3 -'18, BT1:50.1s-'17 ($105,690) 4 wins. At 2, second in NY Excelsior Series A div at Monticello, div (twice) at Yonkers; third in L.B. Sheppard S. final at Yonkers, NY Excelsior Series A div at Vernon Downs. At 3, third in NYSS div at Vernon Downs. At 4, second in Dash for the G Notes final at The Meadowlands. As aged, second in Preferred (3 times) at Georgian Downs; third in Preferred at Georgian Downs.
  BIDFORA HUG (m, Royal Mattjesty) p, 3, 1:54s, 4, 1:53.1s -'19, BT1:50.4s-'19 ($85,520) 6 wins. At 3, third in ON Sired Harvest Series leg (twice) at Woodbine Mohawk Park.
  SIX BEFORE SEVEN (g, Artiscape) p, 2, 2:02.1h, 3, 1:58.1h, 4, 1:53.3f -'17, BT1:52.4s-'17 ($73,386) 6 wins. At 2, second in NY Excelsior Series A div at Tioga Downs. At 3, second in NY Excelsior Series B div at Historic Track; third in NY Excelsior Series B div at Saratoga Harness. As aged, second in Holiday Pace Series leg at Saratoga Harness.
  AKISSFROMTHEART (m, Art Colony) p, 2, 1:57.1h -'14, BT1:53.1s-'16 ($72,303) 4 wins. At 2, third in Battle of the Belles cons at Grand River, ONSS Gold leg at Mohawk, ONSS Super Final final at Mohawk. Dam of-
   Brydown Royal Art p, , BT1:56s-'20 ($2,390). Now 2 and race timed in p, 1:56s.
  TWISTED SIS (m, Quik Pulse Mindale) p, 2, 1:56.3f, 3, 1:55f -'13, BT1:53.4f-'13 ($32,057) 2 wins. At 2, second in PA Stallion Series div at The Meadows.
  Bluemea Kiss (f, Heston Blue Chip) p, , BT1:57.2h-'20 ($8,700). Now 2 and race timed in p, 1:57.2h. Now 2, second in NY Excelior A Series div at Yonkers, NY Excelsior A Series div at Saratoga Harness.
  Wasted Time (g, Vintage Master).
2nd dam
BUST OUT THE BID  p, 2, 1:57.3s, 3, 1:55.4h, 1:52.4f -'00 ($387,216) 47 wins, by HIT THE BID  p, 3, 1:52.3. At 2, second in IL Fair S. div at Martinsville, div at Pinckneyville; third in IL Fair S. div at Martinsville, div at Newton. At 3, winner of ISOBA S. div at Hawthorne, Missel Renvaeh S. at Balmoral Park. From 11 foals, dam of 10 winners(5 in 1:53, 9 in 1:55, 10 in 1:57) including-
  JANNS BID (m, Jennas Beach Boy) p, 3, 1:54.1f, 4, 1:52.1f -'08, BT1:51.2f-'09 ($244,203) 24 wins. At 3, winner of Empire City Series elim (twice) at Yonkers. At 4, third in Night Syles Series leg at The Meadowlands. Dam of-
   JANN AND DEAN p, 3, 1:51.2 -'16 ($82,767).
   ONE TOUGH NUT p, 3, 1:53f, 1:52 -'19 ($69,815).
   CHASETHECLOUDSAWAY p, 3, 1:55.2s -'20, BT1:54.3s-'19 ($29,110).
   PRINCESS LAYLA p, 2, 1:55s -'18, BT1:54.2s-'18 ($14,729).
  SPIRIT TO SPARE (m, Artsplace) p, 3, 1:56.4s, 1:50.1f -'11 ($226,697) 16 wins. At 4, winner of Blizzard S. cons at Woodbine. As aged, winner of Damsel Pacing Series elim at Woodbine, Preferred at The Meadowlands; third in Damsel Pacing Series final at Woodbine, Invitation at The Meadowlands. Dam of-
   Ill Be Myself. Now 2 .
  ARTS BID (m, Artsplace) p, 2, 1:54.1, 3, 1:52.2 -'05 ($173,107) 7 wins. At 2, winner of Review S. div at Springfield; second in Bluegrass S. div at The Red Mile, Breeders Crown elim at Woodbine, Hayes Memorial at Duquoin State Fair, Int'l Stallion S. div at The Red Mile; third in Matron S. final at Dover Downs. Dam of-
   SENORITA BELLA p, 3, 1:55.3f, 4, 1:54.4f -'14, BT1:53.1f-'13 ($70,267).
   FITBID LUCK p, 2, 1:59.1h, 3, 1:58.1h -'18, BT1:54.2f-'18 ($21,862).
   SPITFIRE DELIGHT p, 3, 1:59.1h, 1:57.1f -'20, BT1:55f-'17 ($21,060).
   Better Bid p, , BTQ1:59.1s-'20 ($617). Now 3 and racing. Raced at 2.
   Zip Zip Boom. Dam of-
    ZIP ZIP WILL p, 2, 1:55.2f -'18, BT1:54.1f-'18 ($31,407).
    Lizzies Language. Now 3.
   Art Chic. Now 2 .
  BID WRITER (m, Sportswriter) p, 2, 1:55.3s, 4, 1:52.4s -'18, BT1:52.2s-'16 ($156,689) 8 wins. At 2, winner of Battle of the Belles elim at Grand River, final at Grand River, ONSS Grassroots div at Mohawk; second in ONSS Gold leg (twice) at Mohawk; third in ONSS Gold leg at Grand River, leg at Mohawk. At 3, winner of ONSS Grassroots div at Hanover; second in ONSS Grassroots div at Mohawk.
  AVA DESTRUCTION (m, Artiscape) p, 3, 2:02.4h, 1:53.4h -'15, BT1:52f-'16 ($87,260) 17 wins. At 4, third in Open at Carmi.
  CLOVA (m, Jennas Beach Boy) p, 2, 1:52.4 -'05, BT1:52-'06 ($76,567) 3 wins. At 2, winner of Grand Circuit Late Closer div at The Red Mile; second in Lexington Breeders Classic elim at The Red Mile, Lexington Selected Yearling Sales S. div at Indiana Downs; third in KYSS final at The Red Mile, Lexington Breeders Classic final at The Red Mile, Simpson S. div at The Red Mile. At 3, third in American Women Pace Series leg at Colonial Downs, KYSS div at The Red Mile. Exported to Australia.
  CELTIC ART (g, Artiscape) p, 2, 1:54.4f, 3, 1:54.3f, 4, 1:53.2f -'15, BT1:52.2f-'14 ($75,705) 12 wins. At 2, winner of NY Bred Excelsior Series div at Monticello, div at Tioga Downs; third in NYSS div at Saratoga Harness.
  MERIT WINGS (g, Quik Pulse Mindale) p, 2, Q1:59.2f, 3, 1:54.2h, 4, 1:53.1f -'12, BT1:52.1f-'12 ($71,066) 10 wins.
  BR ROYAL BOOM (g, Royal Mattjesty) p, 3, 1:54.3f -'18, BT1:53.2f-'19 ($46,325) 10 wins. At 3, second in Sharpes Feed Series leg at Hanover.
  BID QUICK (g, Quik Pulse Mindale) p, 2, 1:59.3h, 3, Q1:57h -'12, BT1:53.3f-'13 ($21,964) 2 wins. At 2, second in MD Std. Race Fund div at Ocean Downs; third in PA Stallion Series div at The Meadows, div at Pocono Downs.
  Bidforakiss (m, Badlands Hanover). As Above.
3rd dam
BUSTOUT SUNSHINE  (2:01.1 -'84 ($50,187) 18 wins), by STEVE LOBELL  (3, 1:56.2). From 5 foals, dam of 2 winners(1 in 1:53) including-
  BUST OUT THE BID (m, Hit The Bid) p, 2, 1:57.3s, 3, 1:55.4h, 1:52.4f -'00 ($387,216) 47 wins. As Above.
  Kimber Keir (m, Racing Miracle).
  Take It Back Jack (g, Cooper Lobell) (3, 2:05.4 -'93, BT2:03f-'94 ($4,319) 1 win). At 3, second in IL Fair S. div at Lincoln; third in IL Fair S. div at Greenup.
  Bandag (h, Affable Crown).
  Solar Hit (h, Hit The Bid).
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