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Microchip: 985141001330322 Bio Neck 13-SEP-2019

TOUCAM SAM  (2003)
p,6,1:49.2 ($635,906)
p,3,1:50 ($2,498,204)
CAM FELLA  (1979)
p,4,1:53.1 ($2,041,367)
MOST HAPPY FELLA  (1967)p,3,T1:55 ($419,033)
NAN CAM  (1971)p,5,2:05.1f ($11,390)
p,2,2:02f ($28,340)
B GS BUNNY  (1974)p,3,1:54 ($215,192)
MEADOW TRICK  (1968)p,6,2:00.1h ($124,549)
p,3,1:50.4 ($2,541,647)
NO NUKES  (1979)p,3,T1:52.1 ($572,430)
WENDYMAE HANOVER  (1983)p,4,T1:57 ($8,887)
p,3,1:56.2f ($125,972)
NERO  (1972)p,4,T1:55.1 ($528,208)
YANKEE VICKY  (1971)p,3,2:03.2f ($44,208)
MACH THREE  (1999)
p,3,1:49 ($2,376,700)
p,3,T1:48.2 ($2,944,591)
DIRECT SCOOTER  (1976)p,3,1:54 ($800,451)
p,4,1:56.2f ($125,634)
ABERCROMBIE  (1975)p,4,1:53 ($984,391)
p,4,2:01h ($12,590)
CAMLUCK  (1987)
p,5,T1:48.4 ($1,003,260)
CAM FELLA  (1979)p,4,1:53.1 ($2,041,367)
LUCKY LADY  (1980)p,3,1:55 ($591,857)
p,3,1:57.3f ($36,182)
JATE LOBELL  (1984)p,3,1:51.2 ($2,231,402)
ALL ARRANGED  (1977)p,2,2:00.4f ($33,203)
1st dam
DIXIEDOLLYDAISY , by MACH THREE  p, 3, 1:49. From 1 foal, dam of
  Dolly Darlin (m, Jk Royal Flush).
2nd dam
ROARIN LAURA  p, 4, 2:01h -'06, BT2:00.1f-'06 ($12,590) 1 win, by CAMLUCK  p, T1:48.4. From 3 foals, dam of 2 winners(1 in 1:55) including-
  PRIME TIME POPPA (h, Mach Three) p, 3, 1:57.3h, 1:53.3h -'16, BT1:52.3h-'14 ($113,537) 30 wins. At 3, winner of Middlesex County Series leg at Western Fair; second in Middlesex County Series leg at Western Fair.
  In My Shadow (m, Shadow Play) p, 3, 2:01.1h -'14, BT1:57.3f-'14 ($17,045) 3 wins.
  Dixiedollydaisy (m, Mach Three). As Above.
3rd dam
IMAGINED WHISPER  p, 2, 1:59.4f, 3, 1:57.3f -'92, BT1:56.2f-'92 ($36,182) 8 wins, by JATE LOBELL  p, 3, 1:51.2. At 3, second in Flamboro Breeders div at Flamboro Downs. From 10 foals, dam of 9 winners(2 in 1:53, 3 in 1:55, 4 in 1:57, 6 in 1:59) including-
  WHISPERS SPY (h, Armbro Operative) p, 2, 1:55.3s, 3, 1:55s, 1:50 -'04, BT1:48.4-'06 ($890,258) 54 wins. At 3, winner of Apaches Fame S. final at Mohawk, Count B Pacing Series leg at Woodbine; second in Apaches Fame S. at Woodbine, Count B Pacing Series final at Woodbine, ONSS Grassroots div at Hanover; third in Preferred at Western Fair, Youthful Pacing Series leg at Mohawk. At 4, winner of Open at Windsor, Preferred at Western Fair; second in Dresden Industry Day Invitation at Dresden, ON Summertime S. leg at Clinton, Open (twice) at Windsor, Preferred at Western Fair; third in Open at Windsor, Preferred at Western Fair. As aged, winner of FFA at Balmoral Park, at Maywood Park, Invitation at Freehold, Open at Pocono Downs, Preferred at Hawthorne, at Woodbine; second in FFA at Balmoral Park, at Maywood Park, Open at Freehold, (3 times) at Yonkers, Preferred at Hawthorne, at Yonkers; third in FFA at Balmoral Park, Open at Pocono Downs, (twice) at Yonkers, Preferred at Monticello, (twice) at Yonkers.
  WHISPERS DORO (g, Camluck) p, 2, 1:53.3s, 4, 1:52f -'02 ($296,722) 24 wins. At 2, second in ONSS Gold final at Flamboro Downs, elim at Hiawatha Horse Park, ONSS Super Final final at Mohawk; third in ONSS Gold elim at Flamboro Downs, ONSS Grassroots div at Hanover. As aged, third in Standardbred Pacing claiming Series final at Rideau Carleton.
  WHISPERS ART (g, Modern Art) p, 3, 1:57h, 1:54.4 -'12 ($88,092) 20 wins. At 3, winner of Oxford County Stakes leg (twice) at Woodstock, final at Woodstock. At 4, second in Slots Cup Series leg at Hanover. As aged, third in Miami Valley Pacing Derby div at Dayton.
  WHISPERS JEWEL (m, Armbro Operative) p, 3, 2:00h, 4, 1:59h -'05, BT1:56.1f-'05 ($47,402) 7 wins. At 4, second in Preferred at Monticello.
  PRESIDENTIAL MARK (r, Presidential Ball) p, 2, 2:01.1f, 3, 1:56.1s -'06, BT1:52.1s-'06 ($31,863) 6 wins. At 3, winner of Youthful Pacing Series leg at Woodbine; third in ONSS Grassroots div at Woodstock, div at Windsor.
  WHISPERINYOUREAR (m, Grinfromeartoear) p, 3, 1:58.4h -'10, BT1:56f-'10 ($19,063) 3 wins. At 3, winner of City Of London S. leg at Western Fair; second in City Of London S. leg at Western Fair.
  Whispers Cate (m, Camluck) p, 3, 2:01.4f -'98, BT2:00f-'98 ($15,233) 4 wins.
  Whispers Bucky (g, Run The Table) p, 4, 2:02h -'01, BT1:58.1f-'00 ($13,511) 2 wins. At 3, second in London Pace elim at Western Fair.
  Roarin Laura (m, Camluck) p, 4, 2:01h -'06, BT2:00.1f-'06 ($12,590) 1 win. As Above.
  Whispers C I A (h, Run The Table).
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