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7V064PRINCIPAL JOHNBayColt09-apr-2020

3,1:52 ($389,282)
4,1:50.1 ($1,951,851)
3,1:53 ($1,744,644)
CONWAY HALL  (1995)3,1:53.4 ($818,884)
YANKEE WINDSONG  (1992)3,Q2:02.1f ($33,028)
3,2:01.1f ($2,430)
DREAM VACATION  (1997)4,1:52 ($616,257)
SJS CAVIAR  (1998)
3,1:53.4 ($1,288,466)
S JS PHOTO  (1990)5,1:53 ($1,300,946)
SPAWNING  (1994)
3,1:58f ($298,351)
GARLAND LOBELL  (1981)3,1:55.3 ($345,689)
SUPER COOL DEAL  (1986)4,1:59.3f ($36,017)
3,1:57.3f ($17,313)
3,1:54 ($1,495,295)
3,1:52.3 ($1,302,451)
SUPER BOWL  (1969)3,1:56.2 ($601,006)
B JS PLEASURE  (1983)3,1:59.4f ($244,023)
ARMBRO GOAL  (1985)3,1:54.3 ($1,442,022)
GRASSBED  (1981)2,1:59.1 ($208,321)
3,1:55.3 ($345,689)
ABC FREIGHT  (1974)3,T1:56.3 ($178,694)
GAMIN LOBELL  (1974)3,T2:05 ($43,349)
4,1:57.3f ($209,542)
CUMIN  (1987)3,Q1:57.1 ($150,527)
1st dam
MS LADY ANNABELL  3, 1:57.3f -'13, BT1:56.2f-'13 ($17,313) 6 wins, by CREDIT WINNER  3, 1:54, BT1:53.3-'00. From 3 foals, including a two-year-old of 2021, dam of 1 winner(1 in 1:58) including-
  EVITA (m, Triumphant Caviar) 3, 1:56.2h -'20, BT1:56.1f-'21 ($88,011) 10 wins. At 2, second in OH State Fair div at Scioto Downs, OHSS div at Northfield Park; third in OHSS div at Scioto Downs. At 3, winner of OH Fair S div at Ottawa, OH Fair S. div at Kenton, div at Marysville, div at Mount Gilead, div at Upper Sandusky; second in Buckeye Stallion Series div at Scioto Downs, OH Fair S. div at Northfield Park; third in OH Fair S. div at Oak Harbor.
  Teacher Joe (g, What The Hill) , BTQ1:59.2f-'21 ($2,301). Now 2 and qualified. Now 2, second in OH Fair S. 9 at Sidney.
  Cerus (h, Uncle Peter).
2nd dam
SCHARE HALL  , BT2:01.4-'02 ($1,347), by GARLAND LOBELL  3, 1:55.3. From 13 foals, including a two-year-old of 2021, dam of 6 winners(1 in 1:54, 4 in 1:58, 6 in 2:00) including-
  DRIVING MISS CRAZY (m, Crazed) 3, 1:55.4s, 1:53.2s -'16 ($224,921) 16 wins. At 3, winner of Catherine Burton Series leg (twice) at Vernon Downs, NY Bred Excelsior A Series div at Historic Track, NYSS div at Batavia Downs, div at Saratoga Harness; second in NYSS div at Yonkers; third in Catherine Burton Series final at Vernon Downs. As aged, winner of Miracle Mile div at Vernon Downs; third in Miracle Mile div at Vernon Downs.
  PARCC SIDE (m, Credit Winner) 2, 2:02.2h, 3, 1:56.4s -'08, BT1:55-'08 ($189,547) 8 wins. At 2, winner of NYSS div at Buffalo; third in Late Closer leg at The Red Mile, NYSS div at Saratoga Harness. At 3, winner of NY Fair S. div at Tioga Downs, NYSS div at Buffalo, div at Vernon Downs, div at Yonkers, NYSS - Mike Cipriani Trot div at Yonkers; second in NYSS final at Yonkers, Open at Northville Downs; third in Open at Northville Downs, Simpson Memorial - Elma div at The Red Mile. Dam of-
   Parcc Side Missy , BT2:04h-'15 ($256). Dam of-
    Mr Wheeler , BT1:57.1s-'21 ($8,963). Now 3 and race timed in 1:57.1s.
    Crooked Dealer , BTQ2:02.3s-'21 ($1,284). Now 2 and qualified in 2:02.3s.
  NORTH PARCC (m, Cantab Hall) 2, 2:01.2f, 4, 1:58.2h -'12 ($42,163) 9 wins. At 2, second in PA Stallion Series div at Pocono Downs; third in Late Closer #13 leg at The Red Mile, PA Stallion Series div at Harrahs Chester Casino. As aged, third in Signature Series div at Dayton, div at Lancaster.
  BLOODSTOCKSDIAMOND (g, Chocolatier) 3, 1:58f -'15, BT1:56.2f-'15 ($31,952) 4 wins.
  CANTAB THE MAN (g, Cantab Hall) 3, 1:59.3h -'16, BT1:59h-'17 ($25,106) 4 wins. At 3, winner of 2016 Holiday Trot leg at Saratoga Harness.
  MS LADY ANNABELL (m, Credit Winner) 3, 1:57.3f -'13, BT1:56.2f-'13 ($17,313) 6 wins. As Above.
  Bloodstocks Pablo (g, Tom Ridge) , BTQ2:11f-'11 ($204).
  Arbitrator (h, Tom Ridge).
  Dill Pickle (h, His Highness).
  Harbor Bay (m, Knight Of Intrigue).
  On The Run (m, Knight Of Intrigue).
  Foursquare (c, His Highness). Now 3 .
  Willow (c, His Highness). Now 2 .
3rd dam
STREET WALK  2, 2:00.4f, 3, 2:00f, 4, 1:57.3f -'97, BT1:56.1-'98 ($209,542) 11 wins, by CUMIN  3, Q1:57.1. At 2, second in Arden Downs S. div at The Meadows, NJSS div (twice) at Freehold, div at Garden State Park, div at The Meadowlands, Reynolds Memorial div at Pocono Downs; third in NFLD Grand Circuit S. div at Northfield Park. At 3, winner of NJ Fair S. div at Showplace Farm; second in NFLD Grand Circuit S. div at Northfield Park, NJ Fair S. div at Showplace Farm, NJSS div at Garden State Park, cons at The Meadowlands; third in Hudson S. elim at Yonkers, Lady Suffolk S. div at Freehold. From 9 foals, dam of 6 winners(3 in 1:56, 4 in 1:58, 5 in 2:00) including-
  STUNT MAN HALL (g, Conway Hall) 2, 1:58.2f, 3, 1:55.4s, 4, 1:54.4f -'08, BT1:54.3f-'09 ($553,087) 29 wins. At 2, winner of Matron S. elim at Dover Downs, NYSS div at Batavia Downs, div at Saratoga Harness; second in NYSS div at Monticello, final at Saratoga Harness, div at Tioga Downs, Peter Haughton Memorial S. elim at The Meadowlands; third in Breeders Crown elim at Woodbine. At 3, winner of NYSS div at Vernon Downs; second in NYSS div at Batavia Downs; third in Open at The Meadowlands. At 4, winner of Open at Dover Downs; second in Open at Dover Downs, at Saratoga Harness, Preferred at Freehold, at Yonkers. As aged, third in Open (twice) at Harrington, Preferred at Freehold.
  SALOME MARVEL (m, Like A Prayer) 1:55.3f -'13, BT1:54.3f-'12 ($187,602) 35 wins. As aged, winner of Open at Pompano Park; second in Open (twice) at Pompano Park; third in Open at Pompano Park. Dam of-
   Prayer Of Grace. Now 2 .
  SARONG HALL (m, Garland Lobell) 3, 1:55.3 -'05, BT1:55s-'06 ($184,057) 11 wins. At 3, winner of Celias Counsel Trotting Series leg at Woodbine, final at Woodbine, KY Championship final at The Red Mile, Trillium S. div at Grand River; second in KY Summer Ch elim at The Red Mile; third in Casual Breeze S. div at Woodbine, Elegantimage S. cons at Woodbine. Died 2017. Dam of-
   WATKINS 2, 2:02.2h, 3, 1:56.2f, 1:53f -'16, BT1:52.3s-'13 ($1,018,175).
   HURRICANE HAZEL 3, 1:56.1s, 1:53.3f -'17 ($102,163). Dam of-
    KAHLUA MUDSLIDE 2, 2:13.1h -'21, BT2:10.1h-'21 ($6,288).
   K D BELLA 3, 1:57.3s -'14, BT1:56.4s-'14 ($83,211).
   SCHRODINGER 3, 2:01.2h, 4, 1:59.1h -'14 ($78,398).
   AUTUMN TREASURE 3, 1:57.1f -'12, BT1:56.1s-'12 ($64,871). Dam of-
    APOLLOS CREED 3, 1:56.3f -'18, BT1:56.2f-'18 ($55,840).
   SOUTHWIND SYLVESTR 3, 1:57.3s, 1:55.3f -'21, BTQ1:55.1-'21 ($44,658).
  SILVERADO HALL (g, Conway Hall) 3, Q1:58.1, 4, 1:56.4f -'07, BT1:54.3-'08 ($92,440) 11 wins. At 3, second in Susquehanna River Series leg (twice) at Tioga Downs. At 4, third in Magical Acres Series leg at Freehold. As aged, third in Open at Skowhegan, Preferred at Freehold.
  READY TO CRUISE (g, Mutineer) 2, Q2:04f, 3, 2:00.3f, 4, 1:58.3f -'12 ($36,383) 3 wins. At 2, third in Majestic Son Trotting Series leg at Rideau Carleton, ONSS Grassroots div at Woodstock.
  Sorority Walk (m, Muscles Yankee) 4, 2:00.3f -'11, BT1:58.4f-'11 ($15,381) 6 wins.
  Schare Hall (m, Garland Lobell) , BT2:01.4-'02 ($1,347). As Above.
  You And Me Baby (m, Conway Hall) , BT2:02.1s-'12 ($502). At 2, third in NY County Fair S. div at Morris. Dam of-
   OTSEGO 3, 1:55.3h -'19 ($79,461).
   Uncle Harry. Now 3 .
   Hang On Baby. Now 2 .
  Hurrikane Quinn (h, Like A Prayer).
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