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6VA96CALANDIVA ZETTEBayFilly18-feb-2020
Microchip: 985141001383146 Bio Neck 14-JUL-2021

WELL SAID  (2006)
p,3,1:47.3 ($2,568,691)
p,3,1:50.4 ($2,541,647)
NO NUKES  (1979)
p,3,T1:52.1 ($572,430)
OIL BURNER  (1973)p,4,1:54.2 ($535,541)
GIDGET LOBELL  (1974)p,3,2:00.3f ($14,829)
p,4,T1:57 ($8,887)
ALBATROSS  (1968)p,4,1:54.3f ($1,201,470)
WENDY SUE HANOVER  (1972)p,3,2:05.1f ($6,406)
MUST SEE  (2000)
p,2,1:52 ($487,122)
p,4,1:49.2 ($3,085,083)
ABERCROMBIE  (1975)p,4,1:53 ($984,391)
MISS ELVIRA  (1982)p,2,2:00.1f ($1,800)
GRAND LADY  (1991)
p,3,1:52.4 ($235,571)
MATTS SCOOTER  (1985)p,3,T1:48.2 ($2,944,591)
GRAND VITESSE  (1981)p,4,1:57.2 ($70,143)
p,5,1:51f ($142,596)
p,6,1:47.4 ($2,537,267)
p,3,1:50 ($2,498,204)
CAM FELLA  (1979)p,4,1:53.1 ($2,041,367)
JEFS MAGIC TRICK  (1979)p,2,2:02f ($28,340)
ON THE ROAD AGAIN  (1981)p,4,1:51.4 ($2,819,102)
LAP DOG  (1979)p,2,T1:59 ($3,278)
RIYADH  (1990)
p,6,1:48.4s ($2,763,527)
JATE LOBELL  (1984)p,3,1:51.2 ($2,231,402)
MALAYSIA  (1978)p,2,2:02.3h ($7,036)
SHEER HOSE  (1994)
p,3,1:54.4q ($11,491)
ARTSPLACE  (1988)p,4,1:49.2 ($3,085,083)
LADY LONGLEGS  (1985)p,2,1:58.1 ($258,149)
1st dam
ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS  p, 3, 1:54.3f, 1:51f -'12 ($142,596) 20 wins, by FOUR STARZZZ SHARK  p, 1:47.4. At 3, winner of PA Stallion Series div at Harrahs Chester Casino, div at Pocono Downs; third in Stienmans Place Series leg at The Meadowlands. From 4 foals, dam of 1 winner including-
  Belladonna Zette (m, Well Said) p, 3, 2:02.1h, 4, 2:00.1h -'20, BT1:56.4f-'19 ($19,613) 3 wins.
  Surf Cast Zette (c, Well Said) p, , BT1:56.2s-'21 ($780). Now 3 and race timed in p, 1:56.2s.
  Red Rozette (m, Western Ideal).
  Racing Zette (h, Sweet Lou).
2nd dam
LITTLE BLACK DRESS , by RIYADH  p, 1:48.4s, BT1:47.4-'96. From 8 foals, dam of 5 winners(3 in 1:53, 4 in 1:55, 5 in 1:59) including-
  BURLESQUE (m, Mach Three) p, 2, Q1:57.2s, 3, 1:51.4s -'13 ($185,040) 38 wins. At 2, second in ONSS Gold elim at Rideau Carleton, ONSS Grassroots div at Hanover; third in Battle of the Belles elim at Grand River, ONSS Gold elim at Georgian Downs, elim at Mohawk. At 3, winner of ONSS Grassroots div at Mohawk; second in ONSS Grassroots div at Mohawk; third in ONSS Grassroots div at Clinton. At 4, third in Preferred at Flamboro Downs. Dam of-
   B Cool Fool p, , BT1:55.3f-'21 ($12,620). Now 3 and racing.
   Building Boost p, , BT1:54.3f-'21 ($900). Now 2 and race timed in p, 1:54.3f.
  ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS (m, Four Starzzz Shark) p, 3, 1:54.3f, 1:51f -'12 ($142,596) 20 wins. As Above.
  FORMAL AFFAIR (g, Real Desire) p, 3, 1:56f, 1:52.3f -'10, BT1:52s-'10 ($119,309) 20 wins. As aged, winner of Invitation (twice) at Inverness, (twice) at Truro, at Woodstock, Open (twice) at Fredericton, at Inverness, at Truro; second in Gold Cup & Saucer cons at Charlottetown Driving Park, Governors Plate elim at Summerside; third in Governors Plate final at Summerside, Invitation at Charlottetown Driving Park, at Exhibition Park.
  JET N BLACKHEARTS (m, Jeremes Jet) p, 3, 1:54.2 -'15 ($10,645) 3 wins.
  SHOP AROUND (m, American Ideal) p, 3, 1:59f -'12, BTQ1:58.3-'11 ($5,998) 1 win.
  Dressed To Party (m, Im Gorgeous) p, , BT2:09.3h-'15 ($411).
  No Black Tie (g, No Pan Intended) p, 3, Q2:01.2h -'18 ($150).
  Chasing Ideals (m, American Ideal). Dam of-
   RACING HILL p, 2, 1:51.2, 3, 1:48 -'16 ($1,727,607). Exported to Australia.
   Ruth Hill. Now 2 .
3rd dam
SHEER HOSE  p, 2, 1:59.2f, 3, 1:54.4q -'97 ($11,491) 6 wins, by ARTSPLACE  p, 4, 1:49.2. At 2, winner of NJ Fair S. div at Showplace Farm; second in NJ Fair S. div at Showplace Farm. From 13 foals, dam of 8 winners(7 in 1:53) including-
  GETTING REAL (g, Riyadh) p, 2, 1:52.3, 4, 1:50.3f -'06 ($543,429) 31 wins. At 2, winner of Bluegrass S. at The Red Mile, KYSS div at The Red Mile; second in Int'l Stallion S. div at The Red Mile. At 4, winner of Preferred at Monticello; second in Open at Pocono Downs. As aged, winner of Open at Pocono Downs, (twice) at Yonkers, William Penn Series leg at Harrahs Chester Casino; second in Preferred at Yonkers, William Penn Series cons at Harrahs Chester Casino; third in Open at Pocono Downs, (twice) at Yonkers, Preferred at Freehold.
  SHINE N SHIMMER (m, American Ideal) p, 3, 1:54.1s, 1:51.1f -'15, BT1:50.4-'13 ($533,419) 37 wins. At 4, second in Blizzard S. leg at Woodbine, Blizzard Series leg at Woodbine, HorsePlayer Interactive Series leg at Woodbine; third in HorsePlayer Interactive Series leg at Woodbine. As aged, winner of Open at Miami Valley Gaming And Racing, Preferred at The Meadows; second in Open at Dover Downs, (4 times) at Miami Valley Gaming And Racing, Preferred (3 times) at The Meadows; third in Invitation at Hoosier Park, Open (twice) at Dover Downs. Dam of-
   Ellen. Now 2 .
  SAND SAVAGE (h, Allamerican Native) p, 2, 1:53.1f, 3, 1:52.4f, 4, 1:50.4f -'11, BT1:50.3f-'11 ($441,622) 36 wins. At 2, winner of Keystone Classic S. div at The Meadows; second in Arden Downs S. div at The Meadows, Governors Cup S. elim at Harrahs Chester Casino, PASS div at Harrahs Chester Casino, div (twice) at The Meadows, div at Pocono Downs; third in Reynolds Memorial div at Pocono Downs. At 3, second in PASS div at The Meadows. At 4, winner of Open at Saratoga Harness. As aged, winner of Open at Buffalo; second in Open (3 times) at Buffalo; third in Open (3 times) at Buffalo.
  KNOT INMY KNICKERS (g, Northern Luck) p, 3, 1:52.3s, 4, 1:51.2s -'03, BT1:50.3-'03 ($199,657) 11 wins. At 3, third in James Dancer Memorial elim at Freehold. At 4, winner of Cam Fella Pacing Series final at Woodbine, at Woodbine, Clyde Hirt S. leg at The Meadowlands; second in Clyde Hirt S. final at The Meadowlands.
  BARE LEGS (m, Jate Lobell) p, 2, 1:57, 3, 1:53.4s, 4, 1:51.4s -'07, BT1:51s-'07 ($178,515) 14 wins. At 3, winner of Niagara Pacing Series leg (twice) at Woodbine; second in KYSS div at The Red Mile; third in World Series leg at Hawthorne. Died 2018. Dam of-
   CHEERS N BEERS p, 2, 1:55.1f, 3, 1:53.1f, 1:53f -'17, BT1:51.2f-'14 ($154,969).
   SHOW SOME LEG p, 2, 1:54.4f, 3, 1:54s, 4, 1:52.1s -'16 ($96,136). Dam of-
    Sports Corp p, , BT1:54.4s-'21 ($1,316). Now 3 and racing. Raced at 2.
   SEERIGHTTHRUHIM p, 3, 1:54.1f -'13, BT1:52.2f-'13 ($51,410).
  JIMMYS LITTLE GIRL (m, Big Jim) p, 2, Q1:58.2s, 3, 1:54.4s, 1:52f -'19 ($151,941) 18 wins. At 2, second in ONSS Grassroots div at Clinton; third in ONSS Grassroots div at Georgian Downs, div at Mohawk. At 3, second in ONSS Grassroots div at Mohawk.
  WESTERN BOOTS (g, Western Vintage) p, 2, 2:01.1h, 3, 1:54.4f, 1:50.3f -'21 ($96,735) 10 wins. At 2, winner of OH Fair S. div at Urbana; second in OH Fair S. div at Kenton, div at Piketon; third in OH Fair S. div at Celina, div at Greenville, div at Washington C.h., div at Xenia, Parshall Futurity div at Greenville. At 3, third in OH Fair S. div at Circleville.
  Sheer Image (m, Rockin Image) p, 3, 2:02.2h -'15, BTQ1:56.2-'15 ($2,745) 1 win.
  Jatesplace (h, Jate Lobell) p, , BT2:04.3h-'16 ($316).
  Spanx (m, Camluck) p, , BT1:59.4f-'08 ($235). Dam of-
   BLUE SPANX p, 3, 1:56.1, 1:51.4h -'21, BT1:50.4h-'20 ($204,196).
   HEERZ FINDLAY p, 3, 1:57.1h, 4, 1:54f -'20, BT1:52.1f-'20 ($61,107).
   DIVINE FATE p, 3, 1:58h -'18, BT1:54h-'19 ($39,876).
   Heerzsmittysbitzka. Now 3 and race timed in p, 2:04.2h.
   Heerz Howie Roll. Now 2 and qualified in p, 2:00.1f.
  Little Black Dress (m, Riyadh). As Above.
  Hose Her Off (m, Cams Card Shark). Dam of-
   ART OF DANCING p, 3, 1:56h, 1:52.4f -'17, BT1:52.1f-'19 ($96,249).
   Shut Her Down. Dam of-
    GATEWAY TO VICTORY p, 2, 1:53.3s -'16 ($5,390).
    DAWNS LIGHT p, 3, 1:59.1h -'19, BT1:57.1f-'19 ($4,626).
    Super Willie p, 3, 2:00.4h -'21, BT1:56.3f-'21 ($2,816).
  Sheer Dominance (h, Lis Mara).
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