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9F125SCREAMING AWSOMEBayMare21-apr-2008Trot3,1:56 ($216,865)

3,1:52.2 ($1,118,504)
LINDY LANE  (1993)
3,1:53 ($895,110)
3,1:55.3 ($485,307)
BALTIC SPEED  (1981)3,1:56 ($1,271,764)
VALLEY VICTORIA  (1981)3,2:00.3f ($6,719)
3,Q2:03q ($6,022)
SPEEDY CROWN  (1968)3,1:57.1 ($545,495)
PETROLIANNA  (1981)3,1:56.2 ($293,764)
3,1:57 ($102,486)
SUPER BOWL  (1969)
3,1:56.2 ($601,006)
STARS PRIDE  (1947)1:57.1 ($140,969)
PILLOW TALK  (1962)3,2:11.1h ($1,119)
2,2:05.2h ($33,862)
KIMBERLY KID  (1950)4,1:59 ($191,188)
SPLIT  (1952)
3,1:55.3 ($345,689)
3,T1:56.3 ($178,694)
NOBLE VICTORY  (1962)4,1:55.3 ($522,391)
A C S PRINCESS  (1966)3,2:04.3f ($16,343)
3,T2:05 ($43,349)
SPEEDY CROWN  (1968)3,1:57.1 ($545,495)
2,T2:02.1 ($17,119)
ARNDON  (1979)
3,T1:54 ($272,023)
ARNIE ALMAHURST  (1970)3,T1:57.2 ($215,464)
ROYDON GAL  (1975)
NEVELE PRIDE  (1965)4,T1:54.4 ($873,350)
1st dam
TWILIGHT TIME , by GARLAND LOBELL  3, 1:55.3. From 9 foals, dam of 2 winners(1 in 1:56, 2 in 2:00) including-
  SCREAMING AWSOME (m, Like A Prayer) 2, 1:58, 3, 1:56 -'11 ($216,865) 9 wins. At 2, winner of KY Fair S. div (twice) at Lebanon, div at Thunder Ridge Racing, KYSS div (twice) at The Red Mile, final at The Red Mile; second in KY Fair S. div (twice) at The Red Mile. At 3, winner of KYSS div at The Red Mile, leg at The Red Mile; third in KYSS final at The Red Mile, Late Closer #5 leg at The Red Mile. Dam of-
   SCREAMING CONWAY 2, 2:04.3h, 3, 1:59.2h, 1:55.2f -'19 ($164,864).
   SCREAMING LUCK 2, 2:13.2h -'19 ($4,825).
  GALAXY (h, Manofmanymissions) 3, 1:59.1f, 4, 1:58.1h -'17 ($35,640) 7 wins. At 3, second in Alliance Spring Series leg (twice) at Georgian Downs; third in City Of London S. elim at Western Fair, ONSS Grassroots div at Clinton.
  Tight (m, Malabar Man) ($5,606). At 2, second in NY Bred Excelsior Series div at Monticello. At 3, third in Quaker State S. div at Clearfield, div at Honesdale, div at Port Royal.
  Sistafrmanotrmista (m, Tequila Spur) ($480).
  Madame Le Blanc (m, Striking Sahbra) ($318).
  Berto Eye Stopper (m, Mutineer).
  Dream Premonition (h, Striking Sahbra).
  Ritter (h, Like A Prayer).
  Glimmer (h, Yankee Glide). Exported to Sweden.
2nd dam
Hasty Filly  2, T2:02.1 ($17,119) 4 wins, by ARNDON  3, T1:54. At 2, second in Hanover-Hempt S. div at Vernon Downs. From 6 foals, dam of 4 winners(1 in 1:56, 3 in 2:00) including-
  MEGARAMA (g, Garland Lobell) 2, 2:00.2f, 3, 1:56s, 4, Q1:54.1 -'96 ($526,609) 36 wins. Winner of 1995 ATAQ Award for Three Year Old Trotting Colts/Geldings. At 2, winner of Circuit QC - A (twice) at Blue Bonnets; second in Circuit QC - A (twice) at Blue Bonnets. At 3, winner of Circuit QC - A (twice) at Blue Bonnets, Circuit QC A at Hippodrome 3r, Coupe des Eleveurs S. elim (twice) at Blue Bonnets, final at Blue Bonnets, JFA (twice) at Mohawk. At 4, winner of JFA at Mohawk; second in American-National S. elim at Sportsmans Park, Horsemens Trotting Series leg at Woodbine, JFA at Mohawk, at Woodbine, Maple Leaf Trot at Woodbine, Titan Cup at The Meadowlands; third in FFA at Woodbine, Horsemens Trotting Series leg at Woodbine, JFA at Woodbine. As aged, winner of JFA at Mohawk; second in Historic-Titan Cup at The Meadowlands, Maple Leaf Trot elim at Woodbine, Nat Ray S. elim at The Meadowlands, Preferred at Woodbine; third in FFA at Woodbine, JFA at Mohawk.
  SAND AMORY (h, Conway Hall) 2, 2:00.4, 3, 2:00h -'07 ($139,750) 5 wins. At 2, winner of Bluegrass S. div at The Red Mile, NYSS div at Monticello, div at Saratoga Harness; second in NYSS div at Buffalo; third in NYSS div at Batavia Downs. At 3, winner of NYSS div at Buffalo; third in NYSS div at Yonkers.
  RAMA HALL (g, Esquire Spur) 3, 2:02.3f, 4, 1:59.4f -'02 ($32,865) 13 wins. As aged, second in Open at Buffalo.
  Mercy Me (g, Striking Sahbra) 3, 2:00.1h -'06 ($30,688) 3 wins. At 4, third in Empire City Series elim (twice) at Yonkers, Wyoming Valley Series leg at Pocono Downs.
  Hot Time Hall (m, Garland Lobell) ($175). Exported to Italy.
  Twilight Time (m, Garland Lobell). As Above.
3rd dam
HASTY HELEN , by NEVELE PRIDE  4, T1:54.4. From 4 foals, dam of 1 winner including-
  Hasty Filly (m, Arndon) 2, T2:02.1 ($17,119) 4 wins. Died 01/2005. As Above.
  Hastdon Rama (h, Arndon).
  Hasty Rama (h, Jazz Cosmos).
  Ramafication (m, Harmonious).

Production Record

2013 SCREAMING CONWAY (g, Conway Hall) 2, 2:04.3h, 3, 1:59.2h, 1:55.2f -'19 ($164,864) 13 wins. At 2, winner of NY Excelsior Series A div at Yonkers; second in NY Excelsior Series A div at Buffalo. At 3, winner of NY County Fair S. div at Malone, div at Palmyra, div at Plattsburg, NY Fair S. div at Historic Track; second in NY County Fair S. div at Batavia Downs, div at Morris; third in NY Excelsior Series A div at Buffalo, div at Batavia Downs.
2014Screamin Apple (m, Rc Royalty).
2015Screamin Axel (h, Conway Hall).
2017 SCREAMING LUCK (f, Lucky Chucky) 2, 2:13.2h -'19 ($4,825) 1 win. Now 2, winner of Topline S. div at Altamont; second in Topline S. div at Marshall, div at Springfield, div at Urbana.
2018Awsome Jess (c, Jailhouse Jesse).
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