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8L861HAUGHTYBayMare27-feb-2013Trot2,1:54.1 ($328,605)

3,1:50.1 ($3,002,922)
3,1:51.3 ($870,510)
3,1:55.3 ($345,689)
ABC FREIGHT  (1974)3,T1:56.3 ($178,694)
GAMIN LOBELL  (1974)3,T2:05 ($43,349)
3,2:03.1f ($21,355)
D TRAIN  (1998)
DONERAIL  (1992)
2,1:55.4 ($703,049)
VALLEY VICTORY  (1986)3,1:55.3 ($485,307)
BEDELL  (1981)3,Q2:06.2 ($166)
2,Q2:00.4 ($49,206)
GIANT VICTORY  (1988)3,1:54.4 ($1,252,243)
ANOTHER GEISHA  (1988)3,Q2:00.1 ($36,188)
4,1:56.1s ($56,338)
3,1:51.3 ($1,346,390)
3,1:53.2 ($1,016,537)
VALLEY VICTORY  (1986)3,1:55.3 ($485,307)
CROWN DREAM  (1982)3,2:02f ($4,927)
3,1:57.3 ($125,379)
MYSTIC PARK  (1979)3,1:57 ($480,907)
KATIE ALMAHURST  (1983)3,1:59.1 ($121,728)
S JS PHOTO  (1990)
5,1:53 ($1,300,946)
PHOTO MAKER  (1979)8,1:55.2f ($201,044)
SASSY JANE  (1983)3,2:03.1f ($22,442)
3,1:57 ($128,699)
SPEEDY CROWN  (1968)3,1:57.1 ($545,495)
DELMEGAN  (1978)4,T1:55.3 ($469,593)
1st dam
LETSJUSTALKABOUTME  3, 1:58.2s, 4, 1:56.1s -'08 ($56,338) 3 wins, by SELF POSSESSED  3, 1:51.3. At 4, winner of General Brock Series leg at Woodbine; third in Lifetime Dream Trotting Series leg at Woodbine. From 8 foals, including a two-year-old of 2020, dam of 4 winners(1 in 1:54, 3 in 1:56, 4 in 1:58) including-
  HAUGHTY (m, Donato Hanover) 2, 1:54.1 -'15 ($328,605) 7 wins. At 2, winner of Breeders Crown elim at Woodbine, International Stallion S. div at The Red Mile, Kindergarten Classic div at The Red Mile, leg at The Red Mile; second in Breeders Crown final at Woodbine, Goldsmith Maid S. final at The Meadowlands; third in Goldsmith Maid S. elim at The Meadowlands. At 3, second in PASS div at The Meadows; third in PA Stallion Series div at Harrahs Philadelphia. Dam of-
   Heart Stopping. Now 2 .
  ALDEBARAN EAGLE (h, Muscle Hill) 2, 1:55.1, 3, 1:52.1 -'15 ($237,573) 6 wins. At 2, winner of Int'l Stallion S. div at The Red Mile; third in Arden Downs S. div at The Meadows, Champlain S. div at Mohawk, Kindergarten Series leg at The Meadowlands, Valley Victory S. elim at Woodbine, William Wellwood Memorial elim at Mohawk. At 3, second in Colonial EC cons at Pocono Downs, Hambletonian S. elim at The Meadowlands, NJSS div at The Meadowlands; third in NJSS div at The Meadowlands, final at The Meadowlands. At 4, winner of Red Mile LC div (twice) at The Red Mile. Exported to Australia.
  WALK THE WALK (h, Muscle Hill) 3, 1:56.2f, 4, 1:55f -'15 ($76,409) 7 wins. At 4, winner of Bobby Weiss Series leg (twice) at Pocono Downs, Charles Singer Memorial leg at The Meadowlands. Exported to Sweden.
  Castaspellonme (g, Kadabra) 3, 2:01.2f -'18 ($6,056) 1 win.
  SERMON (c, Muscle Hill) 2, Q1:58 -'19 ($4,225). At 2, third in Kindergarten Classic leg at The Meadowlands.
  Lauramarie Hill (m, Kadabra) ($3,542).
  Talk The Talk (m, Donato Hanover). Exported to Sweden.
  Parody (c, Southwind Frank). Now 2.
2nd dam
ARMBRO TALK , by S JS PHOTO  1:53. From 10 foals, dam of 4 winners(1 in 1:56, 3 in 1:58, 4 in 2:00) including-
  IFHALLSCOULDTALK (m, Angus Hall) 2, 1:58s, 3, 1:55.2s -'04 ($331,051) 8 wins. At 2, winner of Cdn Breeders Ch elim at Mohawk, final at Mohawk, ONSS Gold elim at Mohawk, final at Mohawk, elim at Rideau Carleton, Trillium S. at Rideau Carleton; second in Champlain S. at Mohawk, ONSS Gold final at Mohawk. At 3, winner of Casual Breeze S. div at Mohawk, ON SBOA S. elim at Mohawk; second in Cdn Breeders Ch elim at Woodbine, ONSS Gold elim at Flamboro Downs, elim at Mohawk; third in Cdn Breeders Ch final at Woodbine, ONSS Gold elim at Rideau Carleton, elim at Woodbine, final at Woodbine, elim at Windsor, Trillium S. div at Kawartha Downs. Died 05/2006.
  LETSJUSTALKABOUTME (m, Self Possessed) 3, 1:58.2s, 4, 1:56.1s -'08 ($56,338) 3 wins. As Above.
  YACKETY YAK (g, Majestic Son) 2, Q2:00.1s, 3, 1:56.4f -'12 ($55,066) 3 wins. At 2, third in ONSS Grassroots div at Grand River, div at Kawartha Downs. At 3, second in ON Graduate Series cons at Georgian Downs, ONSS Gold elim at Flamboro Downs.
  FINAL ANSWER (g, Yankee Glide) 2, 1:59.1f -'18 ($15,227) 1 win. At 2, winner of PA Stallion Series div at The Meadows; third in PASS Stallion Series div at Pocono Downs.
  No Gabbing (m, Conway Hall) ($480). At 2, third in Early Closer #24 leg at The Red Mile. Died 2006.
  Dontalkjustlisten (h, Angus Hall).
  Strong Arm Tactics (g, Muscles Yankee).
  Lovetotalkgottarun (m, Tom Ridge). Dam of-
   JENNYS LUCKY DAY 3, 2:01.3h -'19 ($19,037).
   Crazed To Run 3, 2:13.3h -'16 ($3,777).
   Talking Peter. Now 3 .
  Talkaboutamouthful (m, Chocolatier).
  Dont Talk Back (m, Angus Hall). Dam of-
   Supra Blue Chip. Now 2.
3rd dam
ARMBRO HILARY  2, 2:00.1, 3, 1:57 -'89 ($128,699) 11 wins, by SPEEDY CROWN  3, 1:57.1. At 2, winner of Hanover-Hempt S. div at Vernon Downs, Merrie Annabelle S. elim at The Meadowlands, Trillium S. div at Greenwood. At 3, winner of Horseman Futurity elim at Indiana State Fair, Zweig Memorial div at The Syracuse Mile; second in KY Futurity heat at The Red Mile. From 6 foals, dam of 3 winners(1 in 1:56) including-
  ARMBRO MARSHALL (g, Balanced Image) 2, 1:59.3h, 3, 1:55.1s -'94 ($947,288) 45 wins. Winner of 1994 OJC Award for Three Year Old Trotting Colts/Geldings. At 2, winner of ONSS Gold elim at Barrie, final at Barrie, elim at Greenwood; second in Champlain S. div at Mohawk; third in ONSS Gold elim at Dresden. At 3, winner of Canadian Trotting Classic elim at Woodbine, ONSS Gold final at Flamboro Downs, elim at Mohawk, final at Mohawk, elim at Hiawatha Horse Park, final at Hiawatha Horse Park, elim at Woodbine, final at Windsor, Open at Mohawk, Simcoe S. div at Mohawk; second in Cdn Breeders Ch final at Mohawk, ONSS Gold elim at Windsor, Yonkers Trot elim at Yonkers; third in World Trotting Derby elim at Duquoin State Fair. At 4, winner of FFA (4 times) at Mohawk, (3 times) at Woodbine, JFA (twice) at Mohawk, at Woodbine; second in JFA at Mohawk; third in JFA at Mohawk, at Woodbine. As aged, winner of Father Foley Memorial leg at The Meadowlands, Preferred (twice) at Hiawatha Horse Park; second in Father Foley Memorial leg at The Meadowlands, final at The Meadowlands, Preferred at Elmira.
  ARMBRO PREVAIL (m, Balanced Image) 3, 2:01.1h -'97 ($14,706) 1 win. At 3, winner of ONSS Grassroots div at Sudbury Downs; second in ONSS Grassroots div at Rideau Carleton. Exported to Italy. Dam of-
   MR CONSTANT 3, 1:57.3f, 1:55.1 -'07 ($180,716).
   HOLLEYPOP 2, 2:02.1, 3, 1:57f, 4, 1:54.1 -'06 ($142,664). Exported to Sweden.
   THE TEMPTRESS 3, 2:00.1f, 4, 1:57.1s -'03 ($62,889). Dam of-
    STIMULUS 3, 1:55.3 -'10 ($102,766). Exported to Sweden.
    Sorrento 4, Q2:03.4f -'10 ($9,007).
  Armbro Rustler (h, Balanced Image) 2:00.1f -'00 ($5,853) 2 wins.
  Armbro Newscast (m, Valley Victory).
  Armbro Talk (m, S Js Photo). Died 2016. As Above.
  Paola Boko (m, S Js Photo). Exported to Holland.

Production Record

2018Heart Stopping (c, Muscle Hill). Now 2 .
2019barren (Bar Hopping).
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