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Microchip: 985100012142957 Bio Neck 03-FEB-2020

Birth Date:04-MAY-1998
Cdn Reg: 19-JAN-2000 Last Prt: 19-JAN-2000
Eligibility Fee:2023 Not Paid
Coggins Test Issued:02-NOV-2007
Freeze Branded TH458 right side of neck
Lasix: (ON) 01-SEP-2001/
US Reg: 12-MAR-2002
Foaled:Chesapeake City MD
Not Tattooed
Yearling Sale Prices:
HARRISBURGPA31-OCT-1999Hip# 59$65,000
Breeding Lease:
(Lease Expiry: 31-DEC-2024)
Patrick C Woods, Inglewood, ON
Current Owner:
(Transfer Date: 15-JAN-2002)
Bettors Delight Syndicate, Wallkill, NY
Winbak Farm, Chesapeake City, MD
Added Money Events:
nominated (1999)      
Race Summary:
 Starts1st2nd3rdMoneyGaitAgeTime Track
 Last 3Last 5Last 6Last 10Life20232001
Starts    26016

Racelines:US Racelines processed by Standardbred Canada to: 02-DEC-2023
DateTrackPurse Finish Winnings DriverTrainer
19-OCT-2001N9 8FT D-BRDRSCROWNL$781,05025.354.31:22.11:501 3/4 3/3H 3°/2 3/2Q4/1Q1:50.127.3 $62,484*0.65LACHANCE,MICHELMC ENENY,SCOTT M A
13-OCT-2001N5 10FT D-BRDRSCROWNL$39,05226.355.21:23.31:504 2/2Q 2/2H 2/2T 2/2Q2/H1:5025.4 $9,763*0.45LACHANCE,MICHELMC ENENY,SCOTT M A
05-OCT-2001A12FT STK 3YROL$401,4002752.31:221:49.43 1 2/1H 3/1Q 2/21/2H1:49.427.3 $200,7001.00LACHANCE,MMC ENENY,SCOTT M A
20-SEP-2001913FT BROWN JUGL$348,8672755.31:23.31:51.41 2 1 1/H 1/Q1/1Q1:51.428.1 $221,595*1.00LACHANCE,MMC ENENY,SCOTT M A
20-SEP-200199FT BROWN JUGL$77,52627.255.41:23.31:523 1 1 1/H 1/21/21:5228.2 $34,8861.50LACHANCE,MMC ENENY,SCOTT M A
08-SEP-2001N6 25FT D-SIMCOEL$118,99527.256.41:24.21:52.17 2°/NS 2/1T 5/4Q 4/5Q1/NK1:52.127 $59,4972.30LACHANCE,MICHELMCENENY,SCOTT
04-SEP-2001Q1 20GD -2QUA$028.358.41:28.21:573 5/10 4/5H 4°/4H 4/62/2T1:57.328.2 *QUA*NBCHRISTOFOROU,CHRIS
19-AUG-2001N11 24FT CONFED-CUP$531,50026.3551:24.21:54.22 4/5H X8/10Q 9/13H 9/249/231:5932 $0*0.60LACHANCE,MICHELMCENENY,SCOTT
19-AUG-2001N8 24FT CONFED-CUP$40,00027.357.11:25.41:554 2/NS 1/1H 1/2H 1X/1Q2/2Q1:55.229.3 $10,000*0.05LACHANCE,MICHELMC ENENY,SCOTT M A
04-AUG-2001A13FT D-3yrC Ec$150,00027.354.31:22.31:50.17 5°/3T 5/4 5°°/2T 4/3H2/1H1:50.227.1 $37,500*0.30LACHANCE,MMC ENENY,SCOTT M A
27-JUL-2001Q1FT QUA$029.358.31:26.31:53.23 1/1Q 1/1Q 1/1H 1/1H1/21:53.226.4 *QUA*NBLACHANCE,MMC ENENY,SCOTT M A
14-JUL-2001N7FT D-M Pace F$1,009,50026.454.11:22.11:49.37 3/2 1/1Q 1/2 1/1T2/NK1:49.327.2 $252,375*0.80LACHANCE,MMC ENENY,SCOTT M A
07-JUL-2001N3FT D-M Pace E$50,00026.2541:22.31:504 4/3 4°/3Q 1°/Q 1/31/2H1:5027.2 $25,000*0.30LACHANCE,MMC ENENY,SCOTT M A
23-JUN-2001N6 18FT D-NA-CUP-FNL$1,148,50025.253.31:22.11:503 2/2 4/3 2°/H 1/31/4H1:5027.4 $574,250*0.65LACHANCE,MICHELMC ENENY,SCOTT M A
16-JUN-2001N4 23FT D-NA-CUP$35,0002755.41:25.11:52.14 2/1Q 1°/1 1/NK 1/21/21:52.127 $17,500*0.85LACHANCE,MICHELMC ENENY,SCOTT M A
02-JUN-2001N5FT D-3yrStk J$500,00026.254.11:221:503 2/1H 1°/1Q 1/1H 1/3T1/3Q1:5028 $250,000*1.50LACHANCE,MMC ENENY,SCOTT M A
26-MAY-2001N3FT D-3yrStk J$25,00027.156.11:24.21:515 1°/1 1/1H 1/T 1/H2/NK1:5126.3 $6,250*0.40LACHANCE,MMC ENENY,SCOTT M A
19-MAY-2001N10FT 3yrC NJSS$30,00028.256.11:24.21:52.15 3°/1T 2/1Q 1/1Q 1/61/4H1:52.127.4 $15,000*0.60LACHANCE,MMC ENENY,SCOTT M A
11-MAY-2001Q1 16FT QUA$027.456.31:24.41:52.11 3/6 2°/4 2/1H 2/1H2/NK1:52.127.1 *QUA*NBODONNELL,WILLIAM A
04-MAY-2001Q1 22FT QUA$029.458.31:27.41:55.32 2/1H 1/3 1/2 1/31/1H1:55.327.4 *QUA*NBODONNELL,WILLIAM A
18-NOV-2000N9FT D-2yrOpnSt$545,30027.356.41:25.31:52.23 1/1H 1/1H 1/1Q 1/11/H1:52.226.4 $272,650*0.90LEDFORD,E SMC ENENY,SCOTT M A
11-NOV-2000N8FT D2yrOpnStk$20,0002855.41:24.31:51.46 2°/1H 3/1T 2°/1 1/1H1/4H1:51.427 $10,000*0.80LEDFORD,E SMC ENENY,SCOTT M A
27-OCT-2000N7 10FT BREEDERCROWN$871,47526.156.11:251:52.47 4/6H 4°/4H 3°/1Q 2/1Q1/1Q1:52.427.3 $435,7376.35LACHANCE,MICHELMCENENY,SCOTT
20-OCT-2000N11 9FT BREEDERCROWN$37,66827.256.31:23.31:51.31 2/1T 3/3 3/5Q 2/NK1/21:51.327 $18,83412.65LACHANCE,MICHELMCENENY,SCOTT
14-OCT-2000N11 14FT NW3R55000LCD$17,00027.256.11:24.11:52.39 10/18 10/16 10/18 10/1710/11H1:54.427 $09.80BROWN,DOUG SMCENENY,SCOTT
15-SEP-2000N6 12FT NASSAGAWEYA$100,00027.256.21:251:54.17 2/2 3/1T 4/1H 1/2Q1/31:54.129 $50,0003.40LACHANCE,MICHELMCENENY,SCOTT
26-AUG-2000N8 23FT METRO STAKES$661,80025.255.11:23.41:514 8/13T 8/9H 8°/8Q 8/136/6Q1:52.126.4 $046.10SAFTIC,MICHAEL JMCENENY,SCOTT
19-AUG-2000N8 16FT METRO STAKES$40,00027561:25.11:53.23 1/1T 1/NK 1/H 1/22/NK1:53.228.1 $10,0002.85SAFTIC,MICHAEL JMCENENY,SCOTT
07-AUG-2000N8 28FT NW1R5000LCD$12,00026.457.21:25.11:53.42 6/9H 6/8H 5°/5H 4/5H1/1H1:53.427.3 $6,000*0.50SAFTIC,MICHAEL JMCENENY,SCOTT
24-JUL-2000N1 18FT NW1R5000LCD$12,0002858.21:26.31:54.45 7/9Q 6°/10 5/8 5/73/3Q1:55.227.1 $1,440*0.95SAFTIC,MICHAEL JMCENENY,SCOTT
14-JUL-2000Q5 22FT QUA$030.31:00.31:30.31:59.34 5/6 5°/6T 1°/2 1/21/2H1:59.329 *QUA*NBSAFTIC,MICHAEL J
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