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4T534SEASIDE JETBayGelding11-apr-2019
Microchip: 985141001301657 Bio Neck 28-MAY-2019

p,3,1:48.3f ($2,179,558)
p,3,1:46.4 ($3,221,299)
MACH THREE  (1999)
p,3,1:49 ($2,170,255)
MATTS SCOOTER  (1985)p,3,T1:48.2 ($2,944,591)
ALL INCLUDED  (1986)p,4,1:56.2f ($125,634)
BEACH TOWEL  (1987)p,3,1:50 ($2,570,357)
WHERES SARAH  (1993)p,3,1:57f ($19,576)
p,3,1:52.1s ($438,458)
p,3,1:49.4 ($1,296,304)
PRESIDENTIAL BALL  (1990)p,3,1:50 ($3,021,363)
ARMBRO NASHVILLE  (1992)p,3,1:58.1s ($18,020)
p,3,1:53.4s ($83,296)
RUSTLER HANOVER  (1995)p,3,1:51 ($971,638)
DOMINIQUE SEMALU  (1992)p,3,1:56.2f ($118,346)
JET WASH  (2009)
p,3,1:50.3s ($281,527)
p,4,T1:47 ($1,519,347)
p,3,1:50.4 ($2,541,647)
NO NUKES  (1979)p,3,T1:52.1 ($572,430)
WENDYMAE HANOVER  (1983)p,4,T1:57 ($8,887)
p,3,1:50.4 ($1,135,873)
SPORTSMASTER  (1989)p,2,1:52.1 ($755,803)
p, ($2,400)
p,4,1:47.3 ($1,972,172)
BEACH TOWEL  (1987)p,3,1:50 ($2,570,357)
FIVE OCLOCK CINDY  (1987)p,3,1:54.4 ($116,375)
p,3,1:53.1 ($83,941)
FORREST SKIPPER  (1982)p,4,T1:50.3 ($1,044,650)
SONSAMS DREAM  (1982)p,3,1:56.3f ($71,223)
1st dam
JET WASH  p, 3, 1:50.3s -'12 ($281,527) 11 wins, by JEREMES JET  p, 4, T1:47. At 3, winner of ONSS Gold elim at Georgian Downs, elim at Rideau Carleton, WEG SBOA final at Mohawk; third in ONSS Gold final at Mohawk, final at Rideau Carleton, Princess Pacing Series leg at Woodbine. From 4 foals, including a two-year-old of 2021, dam of 2 winners(1 in 1:53, 2 in 1:57) including-
  JET ROCK (g, Rock N Roll Heaven) p, 2, 1:56h, 3, 1:53.2f, 1:51.4f -'21, BT1:49.4s-'19 ($174,818) 15 wins. At 2, third in NYSS div at Batavia Downs, div at Tioga Downs, div at Vernon Downs. At 3, winner of NY Excelsior A Series div at Yonkers, NY Exclesior A Series div at Tioga Downs; second in NY Excelsior A Series div at Saratoga Harness; third in NY Excelsior A Series div at Vernon Downs.
  LINUS (g, Roll With Joe) p, 3, 1:56.2h -'20, BT1:52.4s-'19 ($25,820) 2 wins. At 2, second in NYSS div at Monticello.
  Pink Express (f, American Ideal). Now 3 .
  Seaside Jet (g, Downbytheseaside). Now 2.
2nd dam
SHES BEACHY  p, , BT1:56-'04 ($2,400), by JENNAS BEACH BOY  p, 4, 1:47.3. From 12 foals, dam of 6 winners(3 in 1:53, 5 in 1:55) including-
  JET WASH (m, Jeremes Jet) p, 3, 1:50.3s -'12 ($281,527) 11 wins. As Above.
  HALTON HURRICANE (g, Santanna Blue Chip) p, 2, 1:56.2s, 3, 1:52.3f -'15, BT1:51.1f-'15 ($172,163) 21 wins. At 2, winner of ON Autumn Series leg at Woodbine; second in ONSS Grassroots div at Mohawk; third in ON Autumn Series leg at Woodbine, ONSS Grassroots div at Mohawk. At 3, second in WEGZ S. leg (twice) at Woodbine; third in ONSS Grassroots div at Clinton, div at Mohawk.
  SLIMSPLACE (m, Artsplace) p, 2, 1:53.4s, 3, 1:52s -'10, BT1:51.4s-'10 ($139,019) 9 wins. At 3, winner of Miss Vera Bars Series leg (twice) at Woodbine, NJSS leg at Freehold, Princess Pacing Series leg at Woodbine; second in NJSS div at Freehold, Open at Pocono Downs, Princess Pacing Series leg at Woodbine. Dam of-
   THE DOWNTOWN BUS p, 3, 1:49.1f, 4, 1:48 -'19 ($503,974).
   KILLALY p, 2, 1:57.2h, 3, 1:56.2f -'16, BT1:54f-'16 ($41,771).
   THINKING OF SLIM p, 3, 1:53.3s -'21 ($13,709).
   Shutter Bug. Now 2.
  WISH AWAY (m, Real Artist) p, 2, 1:55.3s, 3, 1:55s -'11, BT1:53.2s-'10 ($82,111) 3 wins. At 3, winner of Miss Vera Bars Series final at Woodbine; second in Blizzard S. elim at Woodbine; third in Blizzard S. final at Woodbine.
  SANTANNA SAM (g, Santanna Blue Chip) p, 3, 1:57.1h, 1:53.3 -'18, BT1:53.1f-'18 ($30,849) 9 wins.
  LADY SHERRI (m, Mach Three) p, 3, Q2:01h, 4, 1:59.2h -'18, BT1:55.4s-'17 ($12,532) 1 win. At 2, third in ONSS Grassroots div at Clinton.
  Hurrikanenan Elynn (m, Real Artist) p, , BT1:57.3-'08 ($1,747). Dam of-
   RATTLE ON HOWARD p, 3, 1:55s -'14, BT1:54s-'14 ($8,665).
  Lady Christine (m, Shadow Play) p, , BT1:54.2s-'19 ($1,535).
  Play On Broadway (g, Shadow Play) p, 3, Q2:10.3h -'20, BT2:06.3h-'20 ($597).
  Lady Journalist (f, Sportswriter) p, , BT2:04.4h-'20 ($254). Now 3 . Raced at 2.
  Sanbiscuit (g, Santanna Blue Chip).
  Lady Kelly (m, Mach Three).
3rd dam
SOME KINDA DREAM  p, 2, 1:57.4, 3, 1:53.1 ($83,941) 11 wins, by FORREST SKIPPER  p, 4, T1:50.3. At 2, winner of Lou Babic Memorial div at Freehold; second in Hanover S. at Rosecroft. At 3, winner of Comforter Series div at The Meadowlands, cons at The Meadowlands; second in Comforter Series div at The Meadowlands. From 11 foals, dam of 8 winners(5 in 1:53, 6 in 1:57, 7 in 1:59) including-
  DREAM AWAY (h, Artsplace) p, 2, 1:52.2, 3, 1:50 -'97, BT1:49.1-'97 ($1,342,071) 15 wins. At 2, winner of Int'l Stallion S. div at The Red Mile; second in Governors Cup elim at Garden State Park. At 3, winner of Bluegrass S. div at The Red Mile, Little Brown Jug elim at Delaware County Fair, Meadowlands Pace elim at The Meadowlands, final at The Meadowlands, Messenger S. elim at The Meadows, NJ Classic elim at The Meadowlands, NJSS div (twice) at The Meadowlands, Progress Pace elim at Dover Downs, final at Dover Downs; second in Adios S. elim at The Meadows, Messenger S. final at The Meadows, NJSS div at Garden State Park, final at The Meadowlands, Tattersalls Pace at The Red Mile; third in NJSS div at The Meadowlands. At 4, second in Breeders Crown at The Meadowlands, Classic Series final at The Meadowlands, Driscoll Series elim at The Meadowlands, final at The Meadowlands; third in American-National S. final at Balmoral Park. Died 2020.
  JENNARATION (g, Jennas Beach Boy) p, 3, 1:53.3s, 4, 1:52.1f -'07, BT1:51.4f-'08 ($264,702) 21 wins. At 3, second in KY Fair S. div at The Red Mile. At 4, winner of Open (twice) at Rosecroft; second in Open at Rosecroft; third in Open at Rosecroft.
  FLY AWAY (g, Allamerican Native) p, 2, 1:56.1f, 3, 1:53f, 4, 1:52.3f -'13, BT1:50.3f-'15 ($225,878) 38 wins. At 2, winner of PA Fair S. div at Honesdale, PA Stallion Series div at The Meadows, PASS div at York; second in PA Fair S. div at Gratz. At 3, second in PA Fair S. div at Bloomsburg. As aged, winner of Alan Horowitz Memorial elim at Cal Expo; third in Open at Miami Valley Gaming And Racing.
  LOUIE LOUIE TOO (h, Jennas Beach Boy) p, 2, 1:51.2z -'01, BT1:50.3-'01 ($137,950) 5 wins. At 2, winner of Governors Cup elim at The Meadowlands, Int'l Stallion S. div at The Red Mile, KYSS at The Red Mile; second in Bluegrass S. div at The Red Mile. Died 03/2002.
  LUCKY SNIPER (g, Ponder) p, 3, 1:52f -'11, BT1:51.3f-'11 ($93,470) 9 wins. At 3, third in PASS div at The Meadows.
  WIN THE WEST (g, Western Hanover) p, 3, 1:56.2f -'09, BT1:54.2f-'10 ($64,855) 20 wins. At 2, third in Late Closer div at The Red Mile.
  Ck Dream (h, Beach Towel) p, 3, 2:03.3h, 4, 2:01.4h -'00, BT2:00h-'01 ($16,351) 12 wins.
  I SWEAR (m, Artsplace) p, 2, 1:57.2 -'97, BT1:56.4-'97 ($11,092) 1 win. At 2, winner of NJ Fair S. div at Gaitway Farm; second in NJ Fair S. div at Garden State Park, div at Showplace Farm; third in NJ Fair S. div at Gaitway Farm, NJSS div at Freehold. Died 02/1998.
  Shes Beachy (m, Jennas Beach Boy) p, , BT1:56-'04 ($2,400). As Above.
  Red Star Dream Boy (g, Jennas Beach Boy) p, , BTQ2:05.3f-'01 ($721).
  Dream Killer (h, The Panderosa).
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