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4XG79CARRY ZBayFilly12-apr-2022
Microchip: 985141001415961 Bio Neck 07-JUN-2022

p,5,1:46 ($2,712,571)
p,3,1:48.4 ($1,135,559)
p,5,1:48 ($1,455,422)
WESTERN HANOVER  (1989)p,3,1:50.4 ($2,541,647)
LEAH ALMAHURST  (1985)p,3,1:52.3 ($1,053,201)
p,3,Q1:55.3 ($94,738)
BIG TOWNER  (1974)p,4,1:54.4 ($547,126)
KEYSTONE WALLIS  (1986)p,2,1:55.3f ($618,256)
p,4,1:49.2 ($3,085,083)
ABERCROMBIE  (1975)p,4,1:53 ($984,391)
MISS ELVIRA  (1982)p,2,2:00.1f ($1,800)
p,3,1:55.1h ($300,747)
BIG TOWNER  (1974)p,4,1:54.4 ($547,126)
p,3,1:54.3f ($13,465)
p,3,1:46.4 ($3,221,299)
MACH THREE  (1999)
p,3,1:49 ($2,170,255)
MATTS SCOOTER  (1985)p,3,T1:48.2 ($2,944,591)
ALL INCLUDED  (1986)p,4,1:56.2f ($125,634)
BEACH TOWEL  (1987)p,3,1:50 ($2,570,357)
WHERES SARAH  (1993)p,3,1:57f ($19,576)
p,6,1:51.2f ($642,029)
p,6,1:47.4 ($2,537,267)
CAMS CARD SHARK  (1991)p,3,1:50 ($2,498,204)
LIFE SIGN  (1990)p,3,1:50.3 ($1,912,454)
SHY REFLECTION  (1996)p,2,1:59.1f ($4,338)
1st dam
SOMELOVESOMEWHERE  p, 3, 1:54.3f -'20 ($13,465) 4 wins, by SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE  p, 3, 1:46.4. First foal.
2nd dam
ITS DE LOVELY  p, 2, 1:54.1f, 3, 1:52.1f, 1:51.2f -'13 ($642,029) 24 wins, by FOUR STARZZZ SHARK  p, 1:47.4. At 2, winner of PASS div at Harrahs Chester Casino, Reynolds Memorial div at Pocono Downs; second in Countess Adios S. leg at The Meadowlands, Keystone Classic S. div at The Meadows, PASS div at Pocono Downs. At 3, winner of Lismore S. final at Yonkers, Reynolds Mem. div at Pocono Downs; second in PASS div at The Meadows, div at Pocono Downs; third in Adioo Volo S. leg at The Meadows. As aged, winner of Open at Buffalo, at Batavia Downs; second in Open at Batavia Downs; third in Open at Buffalo, at Batavia Downs, at Yonkers. From 5 foals, including a two-year-old of 2023, dam of 3 winners(2 in 1:55, 3 in 1:57) including-
  Livonjaxandqueens (c, American Ideal) p, 2, 1:54.1f, 3, 1:53.2h -'23, BT1:51.1s-'23 ($96,505) 6 wins. At 2, second in Nyss div at Batavia Downs; third in Nyss div at Monticello, div at Vernon Downs, div at Yonkers. Now 3, second in Nyss div at Tioga Downs.
  SOMELOVESOMEWHERE (m, Somebeachsomewhere) p, 3, 1:54.3f -'20 ($13,465) 4 wins. As Above.
  ALWAYS B LOVELY (m, Always B Miki) p, 3, 1:55.4f -'21 ($5,665) 1 win.
  Livonqueensandjax (f, American Ideal). Now 2 and qualified in p, 1:56.3.
  Unnamed 3t021 (m, Always B Miki).
3rd dam
REFLECT UPON LIFE , by LIFE SIGN  p, 3, 1:50.3, BT1:50.1-'93. From 8 foals, dam of 5 winners(3 in 1:53, 4 in 1:55, 5 in 1:57) including-
  ITS DE LOVELY (m, Four Starzzz Shark) p, 2, 1:54.1f, 3, 1:52.1f, 1:51.2f -'13 ($642,029) 24 wins. As Above.
  IDEALIC LIFE (g, Western Ideal) p, 2, 1:56f, 3, 1:52.1f, 1:51.3f -'09, BT1:51f-'09 ($527,721) 41 wins. At 2, winner of Watson Provost Memorial Pace Series final at The Meadows; second in Arden Downs S. div at The Meadows, Fox S. div at Indiana State Fair, NJSS div at Freehold, Watson Provost Memorial Pace leg at The Meadows, Watson Provost Memorial Series leg at The Meadows. At 3, second in NJSS div (twice) at Freehold; third in NJSS div at Freehold, final at Freehold, Open at Harrahs Chester Casino. At 4, second in Invitation at Freehold, Open (twice) at Scioto Downs; third in Invitation at Freehold. As aged, third in DE Special at Dover Downs.
  LIVE ON (g, Four Starzzz Shark) p, 3, 1:50.4f, 4, 1:48.1f -'13 ($439,837) 34 wins. At 2, third in PA Stallion Series div at Pocono Downs. At 3, winner of PA Stallion Series div at Harrahs Philadelphia; second in Open at Harrahs Philadelphia; third in PA Stallion Series div at Pocono Downs. Died 2020.
  NEVER LOOK BACK (m, Blissfull Hall) p, 2, 1:58.1s, 3, 1:56.1s -'06, BT1:55.4s-'06 ($117,799) 30 wins.
  PATTON PLUS (g, Duneside Perch) p, 2, 1:59.4h, 3, 1:58f, 4, 1:54.3f -'21, BT1:54.2-'19 ($47,538) 5 wins. At 2, winner of IL Stallion S. div at Mount Sterling; third in Incredible Finale leg at Hawthorne. At 3, winner of IL State Fair S. div at Springfield; second in County Fair Challenge div at Hawthorne, ICF S div at Duquoin State Fair, IL Doa S. div at Hawthorne, IL State Fair S. div at Springfield; third in ICF S. div (3 times) at Springfield.
  SEE MY REFLECTION (h, Western Ideal) p, 2, Q1:59.4s -'07, BT1:56.2f-'07 ($4,814). Exported to Great Britain.
  Reflect On Terror (g, Western Terror) p, , BT1:58f-'15 ($2,819). At 3, third in PASS div at Dayton.
  Marys Ideal Guy (g, American Ideal).
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