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5Z313KNOCK OUT DEALBayColt19-may-2023
Microchip: 985141001574693 Bio Neck 19-JUN-2023

p,3,1:47.4 ($786,055)
p,5,1:48 ($1,455,422)
p,3,1:50.4 ($2,541,647)
NO NUKES  (1979)p,3,T1:52.1 ($572,430)
WENDYMAE HANOVER  (1983)p,4,T1:57 ($8,887)
p,3,1:52.3 ($1,053,201)
ABERCROMBIE  (1975)p,4,1:53 ($984,391)
LIBERATED ANGEL  (1978)p,3,1:55.4 ($76,948)
p,3,1:52.2 ($34,711)
p,3,T1:48.2 ($2,944,591)
DIRECT SCOOTER  (1976)p,3,1:54 ($800,451)
p,3,1:53.1 ($735,759)
ALBATROSS  (1968)p,4,1:54.3f ($1,201,470)
p, ($6,291)
p,3,1:49.4 ($2,581,461)
p,3,1:50 ($2,498,204)
CAM FELLA  (1979)p,4,1:53.1 ($2,041,367)
JEFS MAGIC TRICK  (1979)p,2,2:02f ($28,340)
p,3,T1:52 ($436,273)
ARMBRO EMERSON  (1983)p,4,T1:51.4 ($1,472,590)
BEST OF THE BEST  (1975)p,3,2:04.1f ($1,386)
p,2,1:53.4s ($418,187)
DREAM AWAY  (1994)
p,3,1:50 ($1,342,071)
ARTSPLACE  (1988)p,4,1:49.2 ($3,085,083)
SOME KINDA DREAM  (1988)p,3,1:53.1 ($83,941)
p,6,1:56.3 ($200,408)
BIG TOWNER  (1974)p,4,1:54.4 ($547,126)
FOCAL POINT  (1979)p,2,T1:59.1 ($4,603)
1st dam
MIMIS DELIGHT  p, , BT1:56s-'16 ($6,291), by BETTORS DELIGHT  p, 3, 1:49.4, BT1:49.3-'01. From 2 foals, including a two-year-old of 2024, dam of 1 winner including-
  BOSTON DELIGHT (g, Boston Red Rocks) p, 2, 1:59.1h -'23, BT1:55.3s-'23 ($18,325) 1 win. At 2, winner of NY Fair S. fair at Historic Track; second in Ny Bred Excelsior A Series div at Vernon Downs, Ny Bred Excelsior Series div at Saratoga Harness; third in Ny Bred Excelsior Series div at Buffalo, div at Monticello.
  Mimis Honor (f, Shadow Play). Now 2.
2nd dam
DREAM OF MIMI  p, 2, 1:53.4s -'02, BT1:52-'03 ($418,187) 6 wins, by DREAM AWAY  p, 3, 1:50, BT1:49.1-'97. At 2, winner of Breeders Crown elim at Woodbine, Matron S. final at Dover Downs, Three Diamonds S. final at The Meadowlands, Whenuwishuponastar Series elim at Woodbine; second in Bluegrass S. div at The Red Mile, Champlain S. at Mohawk, Harvest S. at Mohawk, Matron S. elim at Dover Downs, Whenuwishuponastar Series elim at Woodbine. At 3, second in Bluegrass S. leg at The Red Mile; third in NJSS div at Freehold. From 12 foals, dam of 8 winners(3 in 1:53, 4 in 1:55, 7 in 1:57) including-
  EIGHTEEN (h, Cams Card Shark) p, 2, Q2:01.3s, 3, 1:51.3s, 1:49.1f -'16, BT1:48.4f-'14 ($910,224) 47 wins. At 2, second in Dream Maker Series leg at Mohawk; third in Dream Maker Series leg at Mohawk. At 3, winner of Diplomat Pacing Series elim at Woodbine; second in Diplomat Pacing Series final at Woodbine; third in Delvin Miller Adios S. elim at The Meadows, North America Cup elim at Mohawk, Summertime Pacing Series final at Mohawk. At 4, winner of Gold Cup & Saucer elim at Charlottetown Driving Park, final at Charlottetown Driving Park, Remember Sudbury Stake elim at Sudbury Downs; second in Preferred at Mohawk, Remember Sudbury S. final at Sudbury Downs; third in Open at Saratoga Harness, (twice) at Yonkers. As aged, winner of Preferred at Yonkers; second in George Morton Levy Series leg at Yonkers, Open at Yonkers, Preferred (twice) at Pocono Downs; third in Open at Saratoga Harness, at Tioga Downs, at Yonkers, Preferred (twice) at Pocono Downs. Died 2018.
  DREAM OF LUCK (g, Camluck) p, 2, Q1:58.4s, 3, 1:53.1h, 1:51.3f -'19, BT1:50.4f-'18 ($380,244) 25 wins. At 3, winner of ONSS Grassroots div at Grand River, div at Mohawk; second in ONSS Grassroots div at Mohawk; third in ONSS Grassroots div at Mohawk, ONSS Grassroots Final final at Mohawk.
  DREAMERS DELIGHT (m, Bettors Delight) p, 3, 1:56.3f, 4, 1:53.4 -'19, BT1:53.2f-'19 ($89,629) 16 wins.
  SIR SHADOW (g, Shadow Play) p, 3, 1:55.4h, 4, 1:55.1h -'22, BT1:54h-'22 ($83,728) 15 wins. At 4, third in J P Morel Memorial leg at Saratoga Harness.
  ROLL WITH MIMI (m, Roll With Joe) p, 3, 1:55.3s -'19, BT1:54.1s-'20 ($77,614) 17 wins. At 3, winner of NY County Fair S. div at Bath, div at Boonville, final at Monticello, div at Norwich, div at Palmyra, div at Trumansburg, NY Excelsior B Series div at Historic Track, div at Monticello, div at Saratoga Harness, div at Tioga Downs, div at Vernon Downs, div (twice) at Yonkers; second in NY Bred Excelsior B Series div at Batavia Downs, NY Excelsior B Series div at Buffalo, Virginia O'Brien Memorial leg at Saratoga Harness.
  THE DRAGON (g, Dragon Again) p, 3, 1:54.4f, 4, 1:52.2f -'13, BT1:52f-'13 ($69,113) 10 wins.
  Cheddars Delight (m, Betterthancheddar) p, 2, 2:02h, 4, 1:55.2h -'23, BT1:54.2h-'23 ($44,383) 6 wins. At 3, second in ON Autumn Series leg at Flamboro Downs.
  Mimis Delight (m, Bettors Delight) p, , BT1:56s-'16 ($6,291). As Above.
  Mimis Luck (m, Camluck) p, , BT1:57.3f-'13 ($2,940). Dam of-
   GANDOLF THE BLACK p, 2, 1:56.3s, 3, 1:53.3f, 4, 1:53.1f -'24, BT1:51.2s-'23 ($82,720).
   Lady By Chance. Dam of-
    Lady Samantha. Now 2.
   Harvey R Specter. Now 2 .
  Donny (c, Heston Blue Chip) p, 3, 2:01.1h -'24, BT2:00h-'24 ($1,800) 1 win.
  Hott Rivets Rusty (h, Western Hanover). Died 2009.
  Ill Rock Ur World (h, Rocknroll Hanover). Died 2011.
3rd dam
TARPORT MIMI  p, 2, 2:00.4f, 3, 1:58f, 1:56.3 -'91, BT1:56.1-'93 ($200,408) 33 wins, by BIG TOWNER  p, 4, 1:54.4. At 3, second in Fan Hanover S. elim at Greenwood. From 9 foals, dam of 5 winners(1 in 1:53, 4 in 1:55, 5 in 1:59) including-
  DREAM OF MIMI (m, Dream Away) p, 2, 1:53.4s -'02, BT1:52-'03 ($418,187) 6 wins. As Above.
  MOON LAKE (m, Dream Away) p, 3, 1:56.3h, 1:55s -'11, BT1:53.3f-'15 ($215,791) 55 wins. At 2, third in NY Bred LC div at Monticello. At 3, winner of NYSS LC div at Saratoga Harness; third in NYSS div at Monticello. Dam of-
   Acefortyfourpeanut. Now 2.
  HEDGE FUND (g, Artsplace) p, 2, 1:58.2f, 3, 1:56.1f, 1:53f -'09 ($169,589) 16 wins. At 2, second in NJSS final at Freehold, Niatross S. leg at The Meadowlands, Watson Provost Memorial Pace Series leg at The Meadows, Watson Provost Memorial Series leg at The Meadows; third in NJSS div at Freehold. At 3, third in Jr Trendsetter Series leg (twice) at The Meadowlands, Matts Scooter Series leg at The Meadowlands.
  PANNEDFROMACASINO (g, Cams Card Shark) p, 3, 1:55.4, 1:53.3h -'04, BT1:52.2-'04 ($80,120) 8 wins.
  BRADS DREAM (g, Dream Away) p, 2, Q1:59.3, 3, 1:57.3h -'10, BT1:55.2-'09 ($27,585) 3 wins. At 2, second in NY Fair S. div at Lowville.
  Mimi Imfurst (m, Dream Away) p, 2, Q2:02.3h -'10, BT2:00.1f-'10 ($1,584).
  Local Forecast (h, Pacific Fella) p, , BT2:00f-'05 ($740).
  Whitesand Hearts (m, Cams Card Shark) p, , BTQ1:59.4s-'05 ($328). Dam of-
   WHITE GEAR p, 3, 1:55f, 4, 1:54.3f -'12, BT1:53.2f-'13 ($74,248).
  Winbak Billy (h, Western Hanover). Exported to Great Britain.
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