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3V690URSULA BLUE CHIPBayFilly09-feb-2020Pacep, ($6,598)
Microchip: 985141001330017 Bio Neck 04-MAR-2020

SWEET LOU  (2009)
p,5,1:47f ($3,478,070)
p,3,1:49.3s ($1,150,123)
p,3,1:49.3z ($1,469,461)
ARTSPLACE  (1988)p,4,1:49.2 ($3,085,083)
DELINQUENT ACCOUNT  (1987)p,5,1:51.4 ($1,038,997)
p,3,1:56.1f ($79,378)
JATE LOBELL  (1984)p,3,1:51.2 ($2,231,402)
CHOICE YANKEE  (1987)p,3,1:52.4 ($732,442)
p,3,1:54.2 ($89,061)
p,3,1:51f ($1,054,761)
FALCON SEELSTER  (1982)p,3,1:51h ($1,121,045)
p,3,1:55.4 ($169,163)
NERO  (1972)p,4,T1:55.1 ($528,208)
FLY FLY DAHRLIN  (1976)p,2,1:59.3q ($160,507)
p,3,1:47.4 ($786,055)
p,5,1:48 ($1,455,422)
WESTERN HANOVER  (1989)p,3,1:50.4 ($2,541,647)
LEAH ALMAHURST  (1985)p,3,1:52.3 ($1,053,201)
p,3,1:52.2 ($34,711)
MATTS SCOOTER  (1985)p,3,T1:48.2 ($2,944,591)
THREE DIAMONDS  (1979)p,3,1:53.1 ($735,759)
p,3,1:50 ($2,498,204)
CAM FELLA  (1979)p,4,1:53.1 ($2,041,367)
JEFS MAGIC TRICK  (1979)p,2,2:02f ($28,340)
REAL ARTIST  (1995)p,3,Q1:51 ($424,947)
KATIES LUCKY LADY  (1995)p,3,1:54.2s ($95,099)
1st dam
ONASSIS BLUE CHIP , by AMERICAN IDEAL  p, 3, 1:47.4. From 4 foals, including a two-year-old of 2023, dam of 1 winner(1 in 1:53) including-
  BAKLOUVA (g, Sweet Lou) p, 2, Q1:53.3, 3, 1:52.3f -'21, BT1:50.4-'20 ($59,126) 4 wins. At 2, second in Governors Cup cons at The Meadowlands. At 3, second in PA Stallion Series div at The Meadows.
  Ursula Blue Chip (f, Sweet Lou) p, , BTQ1:54.2-'22 ($6,598). Now 3 . Raced at 2. At 2, third in Pass div at Pocono Downs.
  Lady O (m, Sunshine Beach).
  Verity Blue Chip (f, Courtly Choice). Now 2.
2nd dam
SHOT TOGO BLUECHIP , by CAMS CARD SHARK  p, 3, 1:50. From 12 foals, including a two-year-old of 2023, dam of 7 winners(6 in 1:53, 7 in 1:57) including-
  HESTON BLUE CHIP (h, American Ideal) p, 2, 1:50.4f, 3, 1:48f -'12 ($1,781,881) 34 wins. Winner of 2012 USHWA Dan Patch Award for Three Year Old Pacing Colts. At 2, winner of John Simpson Memorial div at Vernon Downs, Matron S. final at Dover Downs, NYSS div at Buffalo, div at Monticello, final at Saratoga Harness, div at Tioga Downs, div at Vernon Downs, div (3 times) at Yonkers, Tompkins-Geers S. div at Tioga Downs; second in Matron S. elim at Dover Downs, NY State Fair S. div at Vernon Downs. At 3, winner of Breeders Crown elim at Woodbine, final at Woodbine, Cane Pace elim at Tioga Downs, Empire Breeder Classic final at Tioga Downs, Empire Breeders Classic elim at Tioga Downs, Historic S. div at Tioga Downs, Matron S. final at Dover Downs, Meadowlands Pace elim at The Meadowlands, NYSS div at Monticello, div at Tioga Downs, div (twice) at Yonkers, Progress Pace elim at Dover Downs, final at Dover Downs; second in Matron S. elim at Dover Downs; third in NYSS final at Yonkers. At 4, winner of Open at Saratoga Harness, (twice) at Tioga Downs; second in Ben Franklin Pace cons at Pocono Downs, Bobby Quillen Memorial elim at Harrington, Kane Invitational div at Batavia Downs; third in Bobby Quillen Memorial final at Harrington, Open at The Meadowlands, at Yonkers. As aged, second in Joe Gerrity Jr. Memorial at Saratoga Harness, Open at Yonkers, Roll With Joe at Tioga Downs. Exported to Australia.
  SUNFIRE BLUE CHIP (h, American Ideal) p, 2, 1:52.4f, 3, 1:48.3f -'13, BT1:47.3f-'16 ($1,626,773) 40 wins. At 3, winner of Adios S. elim at The Meadows, Delvin Miller Adios S. final at The Meadows, Empire Breeders Classic elim at Tioga Downs, Max Hempt S. elim at Pocono Downs, Messenger S. elim at Yonkers, Tattersalls S. div at The Red Mile; second in Breeders Crown elim at Pocono Downs, Empire Breeders Classic final at Tioga Downs, Messenger S. final at Yonkers; third in Little Brown Jug elim at Delaware County Fair, Max Hempt S. final at Pocono Downs, Simcoe S. div at Mohawk. At 4, winner of Open at Saratoga Harness, Prix D Ete final at Hippodrome 3r. As aged, winner of Bobby Quillen Memorial at Harrington, Great Northeast Series div at Pocono Downs, Invitation at Freehold, Open at Harrahs Philadelphia, at Yonkers; second in Great Northeast Series div (3 times) at Harrahs Philadelphia, Molson Pace at Western Fair; third in Ben Franklin EC elim at Pocono Downs, Molson Pace at Western Fair, Preferred at Freehold, Roll With Joe Pace at Tioga Downs.
  GWENEEEE J (m, American Ideal) p, 2, Q2:00.3f, 3, 1:51.4f, 4, 1:50.1 -'16, BT1:49.2-'16 ($267,557) 22 wins. At 3, second in NYSS cons at Vernon Downs, Spring Preview leg at The Meadowlands; third in NYSS div at Buffalo. Dam of-
   Menace To Society p, 3, 1:55.2f -'22, BT1:54f-'22 ($21,585).
   Taste The Rainbow. Now 3 .
  CARBINE (h, Somebeachsomewhere) p, 2, 1:53f, 3, 1:49.3f, 4, 1:47.4 -'22 ($187,438) 14 wins. At 3, third in Keystone Classic div at The Meadows, The Liberty Bell div at Harrahs Philadelphia. At 4, winner of The Graduate at The Meadowlands, leg at Woodbine Mohawk Park; second in Preferred pref at Woodbine Mohawk Park; third in OPEN opn at Woodbine Mohawk Park.
  IM TRIGGER HAPPY (m, Art Major) p, 2, 1:52.2, 3, 1:51.3f -'18, BT1:48.3-'18 ($172,272) 9 wins. At 2, winner of Kindergarten Classic leg at The Meadowlands, Kindergarten Classic S. leg at The Meadowlands, Kingergarten Classic leg at Vernon Downs, Reynolds Memorial div at Tioga Downs. At 3, second in Empire Breeders Classic elim at Tioga Downs, Fan Hanover S. elim at Woodbine Mohawk Park, NYSS div at Tioga Downs; third in Adioo Volo div at The Meadows, Empire Breeders Classic final at Tioga Downs, James M. Lynch Memorial elim at Pocono Downs, Preferred at The Meadowlands, Tattersalls Pace div at The Red Mile. Dam of-
   Im A Big Shot. Now 3 .
   Pulp Fiction. Now 2.
  LOTSA MATZAH (m, American Ideal) p, 3, 1:52.4f, 4, 1:51.4s -'15 ($82,250) 8 wins. At 2, second in NY Bred Excelsior Series div at Saratoga Harness, div at Tioga Downs, div at Vernon Downs. Dam of-
   BOOGY WOOGY J p, 2, 1:55.4, 3, 1:54.3f, 4, 1:52.1f -'21, BT1:51.4f-'22 ($129,800).
   HUMAN COCKTAIL p, 2, 1:53.3h -'22 ($50,406).
   Rah Rah Blue Chip p, 2, 1:57.2f, 3, 1:57.2h -'22, BT1:57h-'22 ($22,505).
   It Can Happen p, , BT1:54.2s-'19 ($9,828). Dam of-
    Seaside Streaker. Now 2.
  Blow Pop (f, Sweet Lou) p, 2, 1:56.4f -'22, BT1:52.4f-'22 ($23,311) 2 wins.
  Nachomama Bluechip (m, Rock N Roll Heaven). Dam of-
   THE FEAR IS REAL p, 2, 1:55.4h, 3, 1:53f -'22, BT1:51.2f-'22 ($86,747).
   Sriracha Heat p, 2, 2:03.1h -'22, BTQ1:58.2f-'22 ($8,933).
   Nachodragon. Now 2.
  Onassis Blue Chip (m, American Ideal). As Above.
  Vice (h, Art Major).
  Recoil (m, Rockin Image). Dam of-
   Quick Fire. Now 2.
  Cereal Assassin (c, Captain Crunch). Now 2.
3rd dam
CCS SALEOFCENTURY , by REAL ARTIST  p, 3, Q1:51. From 3 foals, dam of
  Shot Togo Bluechip (m, Cams Card Shark). As Above.
  Old Town Cat (h, Metropolitan).
  Traverse City (m, Metropolitan).
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